I don’t think I was a particularly dramatic teenager, as far as teenagers go (feel free to correct me in the comments, mom). I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t sneak out to see boys. I was captain of the debate team. But you know what I did just now, at 23 years of age? I totally just did the dramatic teenage sigh-and-eye-roll when I saw the Donna Karan Metallic East West Tote. Why? Because it’s terrible and they want to charge everyone over a thousand dollars to have it.

Donna Karan Metallic East West Tote

The proportions are bad – really bad. You could possibly carry a very small, rolled-up yoga mat in it. What we have here is a ton of width with no depth to balance it. And the outside of the bag is just kinda plain. It’s lambskin, so that’s a plus, but there’s no visual interest at all. The way the handles are attached is boring, it has a little tag hanging from it, and it has two seams. Aaaaand…that’s it. I fail to see why it merits a price tag upwards of a grand, particularly since Donna Karan isn’t exactly an icon in the handbag marketplace and probably can’t rely on a gaggle of super devoted fans that will buy any bag she puts out. So unless you have a super tiny yoga mat that needs toting, I wouldn’t recommend this particular purse. Buy through Saks for $1095.

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  • lisa

    this looks cheap and unoriginal.

  • karolynka

    totally unworth a 1k…sorry dk.

  • julie


  • bindc

    I agree. It looks cheap and not attractive at all.

  • dela

    With that hanging tag it could be mistaken for a dachshund.

  • kelly

    well maybe it was designed to complement a dkny outfit, not so much about the bag.

  • QueenMAB

    I love metallics, but this bag would just make ME feel disproportionate. So to the bin with it.
    There are much better choices out there for that price range.

  • NicoLJ

    this is really awful.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I like lambskin and the color is nice…why couldn’t she have made it three inches deeper? It would look a lot better proportioned that way. I don’t mind the lack of detail; a gold bag can be easily overdone with too many flaps and buckles, etc. But I don’t expect to pay that much for such a simple bag, particularly from DK—as some have mentioned, it’s not as if people are knocking each other over for her bag designs.

  • Nancy

    This looks like a forever21 bag..ewww…Donna Kuran is whack!

  • Cathy

    well i don’t think its that horrible, and maybe the proportions arent as bad as they look. however, the price point is ridiculous …

  • anna

    i actually liked this bag until i saw the price tag…. too bad!

  • rorosity

    I am not a fan of the East/West style. The leather looks nice, but the proportions ruin it for me.

  • Zarka

    The shape and size is not practical… Although I like DKNY…this bag is not for me…

  • It is nothing special at all..

  • Shawna

    Too plain!

  • aileen

    I heartily agree. Design is very plain, really boring – its not one of those bags that you just have to get a second look at. One glance is enough to see that it is nothing special, just your plain old ordinary boring disproportionate bag.

  • Merve

    I nearly fell off my chair when i read Dela’s comment about the dachshund….hahhahaha. Serously DK should think about the fact that she is not an iconic bag designer so she cant hike her prices along with everyone else. This might be mean but DK bags are like Guess bags for me, i walk past them in the shop without even a glance on the way to having a look through the clothes rails.

  • hazel

    Blech, it is horrible! Cheap looking and expensive is a bad combo

  • A-T-G

    Blurg! I cannot believe someone looked at this and thought 1K was a fitting price for it! Was it decided on a Friday at 5P in time for Happy Hour?!

  • Bri

    I like the hardware that the handles are attached to. Other than that, the bag does nothing for me.

  • shopalot

    I would have to agree!
    The price point is too high for this very plain and boring bag!

  • mette

    There must be several bags named east-west etc.. Someone please fill me up.

  • Ji

    Im not a fan of small bags.. This one is just like they cut it off just below the handle of a big bag

  • @Mette – East/West bags are bags that are wider than they are long, hence they stretch to the sides, or east and west. North/South bags are the opposite – longer than they are wide, and they stretch up and down, so north and south.

  • me

    I hate to admit it, but I really like this. I’m not saying I would buy it for that price; but the shape makes it different from your typical small bag. The colour gets me too.

  • Christie

    Gold is always good.

  • coah4me

    I’m not feeling it either… espeically for that price!

  • tiha

    it looks like a bag from forever 21 or walmart.. really

  • Kelly

    It wanted to be Yves Saint Laurent’s Easy bag, but failed. :/

  • mette

    Thank you Amanda ! Now I got it. This term is not used in my language.

  • Camille

    I agree proportions are very bad. And not worth its price tag. Quite forgettable if you ask me.

  • Nicole

    I totally agree that the proportions are very bad! so unpractical! and not worth it at all!!!

  • Julia

    I like the color, but everything else not so much! If you don’t do yoga, you can carry a baguette! How convenient ;)

  • Megan

    I think this bag is far too wide for how short it is. Just kinda awkward looking!

  • Shannon

    Yikes! This bag is like a bad 70s rollerskating disco party.

  • Nessa

    Its way overprice and not cute at all.

  • Holly

    This is the perfect bag for carrying a mini-dachshund…. proportions are awful.


    I don’t really consider it bland being it’s not meant to be used as a daily bag. Looks like more of a dress-up bag to me, an evening bag. It is cute but I do agree for a Donna Karan bag it is way too expensive.

  • tw

    really bad! with all of the fabulous bags out there, i hope this one sits on the shelves. metallic gold is not enough to make this bag desirable.