Before we go any further, does Chanel‘s website make anyone else sort of dizzy and motion sick, or am I just way too sensitive to that sort of thing? Websites where brands make their bags run frantically from side to side make my head spin, and that website structure makes me find something else to look at almost immediately.

In this case, however, I persevered in order to find the Chanel Rubber Effect Python Signature Tote. Was my nausea worth it? I think it was, but then again, I do have an unnatural affinity for everything black.

There’s just something so thoroughly Chanel about an exotic black bag. They use the color to greater effect than probably any other major designer, and the python gives the bag a thoroughly luxurious appeal that the brand’s customers expect.

I haven’t seen the bag in person, so I can’t comment with full knowledge about the rubberized finish, but the matte effect is a welcome change from the python that I normally see, which is almost always glossy. Flat black has an edgy, modern quality to it that the brand’s bags have lacked over the past season or two (at least in my estimation), and the finish might have done a bit to make the delicate scales more durable as well. Now that is killing two birds with one stone. More information available via, price available upon request.

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  • prch

    i agree!!lol

  • tadpolenyc

    this is a killer bag!

  • Jourdan

    Love the bag, think it’s awesome!

  • whatdialike
  • Ana JB

    Still, this bag doesn’t shake my heart… :(… And I dont know why…

  • wgs

    i like, but i wish the strap was longer…. this doesn’t look like it would fit comfortably on the shoulder.

  • Al


  • Beth

    I don’t wear or carry exotic skins myself but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of this bag. Amanda, I totally agree about the edginess of the matte black. I love the effect. It’s very understated. What are the dimensions?

  • Jane

    First I couldn’t agree with you more about Chanel’s website. I had to stop looking at it because my eyes always hurt and my tummy uneasy. However, this bag would be worth the risk. I adore the matte finish to the python it is such a nice change to the over the top glossy finish that we are all so used to seeing. I also enjoy the small logo I cannot stand logos all over bags. Chanel tends to splash their logo all over their bags so this is a great change of pace.

  • Ana JB

    I have a question: IS PYTHON SKIN HIGH MAINTENANCE? How is that?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Rebecca

    I agree about Chanel’s website. I hope they change the layout. It drives my eyes crazy!

  • Paulina

    I love it!

  • Emma

    I like the bag. And Chanel’s website makes med dizzy but its’s NOTHING compared to the jewelry brand Gemma Redux’s website. It makes me feel sick

  • Sher77

    Forever a Chanel girl. Love this.

  • mochababe73

    I agree about the matte black. It’s different. I am not sure about the bag so I would have to go to the Chanel store to look at it. However, from the picture, it is gorgeous.

  • Lori

    I can’t imagine what this bag must cost? I am very curious. I would guess it’s in the $10K range, but I could be way off? Anyone have any ideas?

    Either way, it’s a lovely bag (though I would prefer a nice leather to the python).

  • joce

    I think it’s lacking some edge >.< the material and color is killer but the bag needs some sort of chains that is so signature Chanel.

    So to me and my limited funds, it's not going to be worth the price tag that's likely 5 digits :(

  • PhotoGirl


  • Silvana

    I completely agree about Chanel’s website, I try to avoid it which is sad :-(. That being said this bag is gorgeous

  • Esther

    LOL! I agree! They need to change that over at Chanel!

  • denim53


  • ladylawyer

    Worst website ever!

  • Lunette

    I just found this tonight, seems like some sort of a copy or rewrite of Amanda’s article, in not-so-great english. wt…?

  • HFE

    Hi girls i saw this bag and i think my girlfriend would like it a lot. i was wondering if any of you girls can help me, by telling how much the bag cost.
    thanks :)

  • MS

    Its $3,995 USD. Not available in the US until March.

  • Karen

    I really like the wrap up heel. Black would be practical, but pink is amazing.

  • ninalou1

    Chanel website – Why no prices??? Almost as annoying as the pesky moving banner…

  • Ms.A

    woooow Very luxurious bag and it’s diffrent from other collections before from chanel

  • Elyse

    it’s a beauty – and so different from most chanel bags (fb)

  • Joyce

    i don’t like wearing any snakeskin on me..haha but this bag is very luxurious looking i must admit (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    love it! (fb)

  • Chihuahua MaMa

    Love it! However I heard it is not legal to sell in CA due to python material. I am sure it is durable!

  • Kimi

    i have just bought the small version of this python bag with the long classic chain at the Champs Elysee store!! this is the big one cost around 26xx euro? mine one is 25xx euro. but i prefer the small one which looks much more elegance with the silvery chain and buckle!!

    • sksy

      hi kimi.

      i love this bag. do you have the dimensions of the one you bought? that sounds nice too! Thanks!

  • beanyce126

    the quilited pattern is a winner in my heart. (ipad)