From left: Mary Y Sol Panama Striped Tote, $100. Club Monaco Tall Straw Tote, $49.50. Elliot Mann 24/7 Tote, $242. All via ShopBop.

In the US, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and all the beachside fun that comes with the season. The PurseBlog team is going to take most of today to relax and enjoy the advent of season vacation season, but if you’re stuck indoors and want some bags to consider, take a look at these three reasonably priced, sun-ready straw totes: The Mar Y Sol Panama Striped Tote, Club Monaco Tall Straw Tote and Elliot Man 24/7 Tote. (Ok, that last one is macrame and not straw. Just go with it.)

Mar Y Sol Panama Tote, $100 via ShopBop.

Club Monaco Tall Straw Tote, $49.50 via ShopBop.

Elliot Mann 24/7 Straw Tote, $242 via ShopBop.

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  • Avalon Bleu

    Beautiful Elliot Mann. Could not see myself paying 240 for it though.

  • Lulugurl

    I agree with Avalon. I love the colour, style, everything about it except the price…too much for a purse I would only use a couple times a year.

  • Jenny in Jacquard

    Personally, I prefer the Club Monaco tote. It’s a good price point for something I’ll be toting and throwing around in the sand. It’s the perfect size and shape and it’s neutral look will let the rest of my summer outfits do the talking.


  • Jennifer from Mystique Boutique

    The Elliot Mann straw tote is my favorite. I personally think some camouflage handbags would’ve been better for Memorial Day.

    • Chris

      Perhaps an idea for next hear? ;-)

      • Chris

        I mean ‘year’. Not ‘hear’.

  • Fel

    Lovely beach totes! great find! :)

  • mea

    Thanks Sarah! You know, I found a site or two creative make pretty beach baskets