Another day, another studded bag. If you’re sick of this trend, wait a month – you’ll be more sick of it. I promise. But as it stands now, I still love it, and I’m still happy to write about it. Studs have not jumped the shark just yet.

And despite my lack of love for shiny gold hardware, and in particular shiny gold studs, I can’t help but enjoy the Be & D Garbo Convertible Tote. Even though it’s over the top and a bit gaudy, the bag just works.

Be & D Garbo Convertible Tote

As I’ve said before, Be & D has as much of a right as anyone to be taking advantage of fall’s stud-happy trends. They were doing it years ago, to limited success, when everyone thought it looked fairly weird. Now, they’ve taken their much-loved studs and paired them with tougher, more subdued materials for fall, and it works much better than it once did.

Yes, even the gold. When juxtaposed with matte black leather, you can’t help but get their point. For me, the variation in stud size is key. They’re uniform on the front and back, larger at the gussets and handle attachments. It’s not too much change to make the bag confusing to look at, but it’s enough to know that they took great care in how the chose and placed the studs.

The slouchy shape and handles also help take a bit of the edge off the bag, and in this case, that’s a good thing. If the bag had been more structured, it would have been too much when combined with the all-over studs. As it is, it can be worn as a slouchy tote or a fold-over messenger, and although I’m not much of a fan of convertible bags, it works well with the stud placement in this instance. Buy through Saks for $1490.

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  • I ADORE this bag actually!

  • Heather

    *drools* oh please give it to me. lol

  • Heather

    Okay. I feel sick. I really want this bag but I can’t afford it right now. P-leeeease let this go down in sale. PLEASE.

  • otter

    Reminds me a bit of the Bulga butterfly bags (large and small) a few years ago. I’m gonna bust those babies out.

  • PhotoGirl

    I LOVE it! Like the previous poster, I feel a little bit ill because I really, really want it. But I’m going to use the $$$$ to pay my mortgage, instead.

    Stupid responsibilities! :)

    (However, if anyone wants to give me one, I’ll gladly accept it!)

  • Sammie J

    To all the Be & D fans,

    This bag also comes with nickel hardware if gold isn’t your gig.

    Check out

    And just to get facts straight – the original Garbo didn’t have “limited success” It was actually a huge success back in the day that launched the brand worldwide….and inspired a ton of knock offs sadly.

    Thanks for all the support!

  • Michael St. James

    EW…Why would anybody want THAT many studs on their bag? And in the gold, it looks tackier than Beyonce’s mom! If you have to have it, please get the nickel hardware, but I’d much rather have the Woodstock Hobo and it’s only $995.

  • I remember it being that big deerskin hobo that really launched Be&D (can’t remember the name, would still love to have one, wish they still made it), and the Garbo ending up on some sale racks, but maybe I remember incorrectly. I definitely prefer its current incarnations and colors to the ones that came out back then.

  • Plasma

    These are the bags that started the stud trend several years ago. Even Bally has ripped of some of their designs.

    Loving looking at these in Neimans. Their leather is some of the best!

  • susan

    Dear Amanda,
    I think you’re thinking of the Crawford hobo. Makes me sad, I never bought one, and now would love it.

  • Be&D totally started the studded trend in the handbag world. The Garbo was seen as edgy, spontaneous, pushing-the-envelope. Tons of celebs were carrying them as well.

    I remember the Crawford Amanda, very cool as well!

    Good thing tomorrow we have a huge Be&D post!

  • Grad School Mommy

    yeah… this one steals the show. maybe i’m immune to gaudy… but i *love* it! :)

  • Lacey

    I can’t believe somebody just said “ew”. I want this bag. I WANT THIS BAG SO MUCH *cries*

  • MizzJ

    Love Be & D, but not this bag unfortunately. It’s a bit too much studding for me, and reminds me of chicken skin :S

  • LaChula

    I love it….in the silver studs best!

  • Rebbeca

    Ive just become a fan of Be & D!!
    Love the studs.. so punk/ rocker chic
    I want one!!

  • ERica Asahan

    Garbo Tote!!!! I saw this in NYC…I love it! Feels great too!

  • soooooon

    somebady get it? is it heavy? looks like heavy but i like it

  • Kendra

    It looks sooo heavy. (fb)