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  • Kate

    Just ordered The Row bag. Very interested in the MCM tote as well

  • AAAA

    Vince bags seem like they have been gaining traction. I’ve even seen some celebs carrying those. You don’t see that too much anymore with a contemporary bag.

  • Sandy

    Most of the above are just plain and boring. I do not understand why your bag must be “under the radar”. Who is worried about other people’s bags?

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    • MM

      Because some people like to be discreet and conservative at work, especially in an environment that can be political and prone of judgement and office gossip. Especially younger professionals don’t want to be seen as ungrateful and spoilt.

      • K_Elizabeth

        This! I brought a Louis Vuitton bag to work exactly one time- couldn’t stand all the comments! The funny thing is that I switched to a Givenchy bag that was significantly more expensive, yet less prone to comments…

      • Passerine

        That’s too bad! Lots of people where I work carry LV bags and no one comments other than to give a compliment about liking the bag.

      • Gia

        I need to work there!

      • Sparkletastic

        I know this happens but it’s pathetic. Any “older” professional who judges a “younger” one based on their accessories and not their performance is an insecure, judgemental idiot.

      • MM

        LOL unfortunately politics still exist in big corporates, and bags is at the bottom of the list of things being judged. But in general, being flashy isn’t my style. I think it is tacky. :)

      • Sparkletastic

        Yes. You are right! It absolutely still exists! And I feel bad for those who work under those pressures. But, I think that you with your more conservative, classic bag and “Myrtle” with her wild, flashy bag should coexist happily. She may think your bag lacks creativity. Both of you are likely wrong with your tacky and uninspired evaluations and what they could say about the person. Unless you are client facing and have to consider external styles, mores and traditions, what you wear – as long as it isn’t offensive, dangerous or disruptive – should be a non issue.

        In any case, the environments I work hard create for my folks is merit based. Not appearance, background, or style based. That is how I get the best work and the happiest people.

      • MM

        I am client facing

      • Gia

        I have never worked for a company that bases on performance. It’s all about how the company feels about you. You can be a F- up but if man agent likes you, it’s all good. But if you are a top producer and the managers do not like you, then your life will be hell and very likely out of a job. That’s reality. Life never stops being a popularity contest.

      • And sometimes, even if no one in your office cares (which is at it should be), clients/vendors will. While it’s not ideal since my handbag has no bearing whatsoever on how well I do my job, our company advises that we dress more formally and conservatively when meeting with people from outside our company, especially for the first time. In the office, however, anything goes.

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      • Jerri R

        I am sure, in some instances, it is totally about the purse owner’s self consciousness.

  • lola

    Most of the bags i carry at work are by Tom Ford. I have the classic Jennifer, the Sedgwick and the Charlotte. They are classic with a twist but they doesn’t scream ‘I spend a lot of money on bags” like Chanel, Dior, Hermes…etc.
    Michael Kors and others are also popular so i’m a bit bored.
    I enjoy not seeing my “work bags” everywhere actually.

  • Amazona

    Woooow Mulberry AND Longchamp in the same post! Two of my fave brands. My biggest love, Longchamp’s Roseau range – especially the classic black line – is also very well suited for any occasion and environment. The shiny leather and very subtle logo is such a stylish combo.
    I also like the SF and MCM, very nice and sleek. It’s good to see something else from MCM than those hideous logo-covered bags…they just aren’t at home anywhere IMO. But the tote looks very practical, durable and fit for any occasion. Thumbs up!

  • Bridget

    Can we have a post for work bags for people that do *not* work in conservative offices? Most work bags are quite boring, but trendy bags are often too tiny to carry things like laptops and files!

  • Suzanne

    These are definitely all lovely options for the conservative approach. I second the request for a post on fun work bags! :-)

  • FashionableLena

    Boring. The only one that caught my interest was the MK. How about a post for those of us that don’t want boring work bags? That could be fun.

    • L.O.

      It’s called, the rest of the bags on this website

  • Giselle

    I think Fendi bags are great not boring alternatives, which don’t scream expensive.

  • Sparkletastic

    Pb, thanks for this post. It provides a range of “under the radar” bags with various styles and price points. Kudos.

    BUT! I am beyond tired of this in the workplace. I’m saying this as someone who has worked in a number of environments and at senior levels. Yes, some people care. But, I refuse to bend to this petty silliness. My performance including my hard results and interpersonal skills are what you need to evaluate. Not my accessories. There’s a difference between dressing appropriately for a role and being a drone.

  • Passerine

    Valentino makes a bag similar to The Row’s bag and I actually like it better — the Valentino bag is more elegant and structured. It’s branded a My Rockstud bag but there’s nothing “rockstud-ish” about it. Priced about the same.

    Although I work for a life sciences company, people do like to dress fairly stylishly and many women carry designer bags — conservative and more fashion-forward are equally popular.

    • Tinsley Proust

      That bag reminds me of a knockoff Hermes Kelly

  • QueenPosh .

    Agghh i don’t like any of these bags, they’re not conservative, jsut boring. The only one i like is the Mulberry Tessie Tote bag, looks elegant and can be worn casually or professionally. The Michael Kors one is a clear replica of the Givenchy Antigona bag, MK copies every other designer, ridiculous. The Alice D bag looks like a Celine cabas knock off and charging $400 for a copy cat bag is absurd.

  • Jerri R

    The things women have to worry about at their workplaces these days…

  • Gia

    Really? Everyone. I work in a corporate environment at a Fortune 500 company. If you have a luxe designer bag, management thinks they pay you too much, all the women get jeleous and make up stories about how your getting the $ to buy it, and the guys even comment on isn’t that a $ bag! Then other co works say snarky comments behind and in front of your back.
    So no it’s in your best interest to carry a bag, no logo, basic bag. Regardless if your a VP or a receptionist.

  • Ashleigh Taylor

    I work at a “white shoe” law firm and found that my Givenchy Shark Tooth was appropriate. There is no obvious insignia on it, but its a beautiful conservative bag with a little edge. I bought it specifically to bring to work and I have not been disappointed.

    Available here: http://www.barneys.com/givenchy-shark-tooth-medium-shoulder-bag-503819351.html

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