There are plenty of brands known for bags that make disappointing shoes (and vice versa, certainly), so it’s no small feat when a company takes its footwear and successfully uses it as an inspiration for handbags. And yet, that’s just what Tod’s has done with the Tod’s Signature Collection. The bags’ embossed pattern is an ode to the texture that forms the bottom of the company’s famous driving shoes, and it gives the brand what it’s been lacking: A logo bag of sorts.

Of course, an embossed pattern isn’t a monogram like those made famous by Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but it does serve as an identifier from one in-the-know person to another that they are, well, in the know. Sort of like Goyard’s painted prints or Balenciaga’s motorcycle hardware, the embossing functions as a brand indicator without some of the stigma that’s attached to a full-on logo. For a company as discerning and subtle as Tod’s, it seems like the correct avenue to take in order to create a visual signature. Would you buy one of these bags? They’ll be available in September as part of the Fall 2011 collection.

[Photos courtesy of Tod’s via]

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  • kemilia

    I do like it, I like Vuitton’s vernis too.



      It’s Good ,But too expensive.

      Our shop is cheap

  • Avalon Bleu

    I like these very much. They have a sophisticated sportiness to them.

  • Amy

    I like them, and I like your take on them being a more subtle alternative to a logo. I’m not into logos, but I am into identifying people’s bags! (My husband is finally starting to get it…he told his parents that I like bags similar to the way he likes cars. Can’t buy everything I love, but they’re fun to identify and fawn over (privately) when I see them on the street.)

  • Leah

    I love that raspberry clutch – very tempting! I’d have to hold one to be sure that it didn’t feel too plastic-y though…

  • Allison

    Any idea on price points? Do love that ras clutch…

    • I haven’t been able to find a price list thus far, but we’ll post more when we know it.

    • Dorrit

      The large bag is 2100.

  • ckie

    like it , but i’d rather buy another pair of their ballet flats! so comfy!

  • louch

    Absolutely love Tods. I would like to see these IRL – agree with Leah that they aren’t too plastic-y. The red and burgundy clutches both look divine.

  • lchua

    i’d buy the maroon clutch.

  • ahot

    This is my first time to comment although i am an early follower, because i LOVE Tod’s & this line really is a signature. Been waiting for this a very long time. I get a feeling this will be pricey – but aren’ they always?

  • perfume

    Fabulous bags! I actually like the red Tods the most. I just love the color red.

  • amy

    though i love vintage clutches this red one is fascinating

  • michelle

    I love the blue tote….not just the color, but also the style.

  • Lizzie

    drooling over bag #1

  • Vicky

    I like the blue one.

  • Babs

    I saw these recently and was not impressed. Felt like plastic. Styles were “matronly” IMO. Disappointed.

  • michelle

    For spring 2012, Tod’s is making their signature collection in leather. Now, that I will buy!!

  • Xiao

    These look luxurious! i always love like 95% of the things Tods put out–shoes and bags! They’re so simple and traditional classy, almost a reserved toned down kind of glamour. I’m glad it doesn’t seem to have caught up with every girl and their grandmas yet (ie. LV’s, Hermes, Chanels). Unlike many other high end designer items that just look annoying and like they’re screaming at you “i’m a *insert designer* brand lookit me” (ahem everything with logos plastered all over them? or extremely trendy details that would look only good with you if you’r under 35 but when you get older it looks like you try too hard)

  • Lilly

    I really like the red one, are there anyone know the price of it.