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A Great Selection of Tod’s Bags Are On Sale

Here are my picks...

You know what, I don’t talk about Tod’s bags enough. I suppose there hasn’t been a super exciting new release, but that doesn’t mean that Tod’s doesn’t make well-made, beautiful bags – because they do. There’s a quiet and subtle luxury about Tod’s bags, allowing many of the bags to fly under the radar. But if you are looking for a less obvious designer bag and love a great deal, there is a lot to choose from.

What I love about the Tod’s bags on sale is the vast selection; these aren’t over-the-top novelty or seasonal pieces. These are bags that can quickly make their way into your daily bag rotation. From a classic black tote to a sleek hobo, there’s a nice offering here at really great prices.

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My Top Sale’s Picks

Tods Holly Bag Medium Black

Tod's Holly Bag
$1,995 now 40% off

Tods Oboe Bag Small

Tod's Oboe Bag
$1,825 now 40% off

Tods Bucket Bag

Tod's Bucket Bag
$2,245 now 40% off

Tods Shirt Hobo Bag

Tod's Shirt Hobo Bag
$1,995 now 40% off

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