If there is one person, rather one couple, that can claim the throne of king and queen of summer 2022, it’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Correction, Jennifer Affleck. The obsession many of us have felt over their rekindled romance turned nuptials may be largely due to nostalgia. After all, we were immediately taken back to Jenny from the Block, dating Ben many years ago. The reuniting pair has made this summer theirs, leading to a Vegas wedding followed by a very photo-friendly honeymoon in Europe.

J. Lo has always been a bag lover, in fact, we’ve covered the many bags of Jennifer Lopez not once, but twice. In that time, Lopez has gone on to become a brand ambassador for Coach, and when she isn’t starring in a Coach campaign or wearing one of their wares, she’s actively changing out her extensive designer bag collection on the daily.

J.Lo’s Bags Since Getting Back With Ben

We look at the bags Lopez has been spotted carrying since she got back together with Ben Affleck, and it’s vast and magical. From a super rare Hermès Kelly Picnic to an equally as rare Hermès Himalaya Crocodile Birkin to other bags that have been spotted in her collection years ago (don’t believe me, just look at our past coverage), this post is a love letter to Jennifer Lopez’s love for designer bags and her new husband.

This isn’t the first time we spotted this bag, and I love to see someone with the means of Lopez keeping and reusing bags in her collection.

J. Lo Valentino My Rockstud Frame Bag

The Bulgari Serpentine Bag flies under the radar but is glamorous and elegant.

Jennifer Lopez Bulgari Serpentine Bag

Ok, this is when I realized just how much I love J. Lo’s style. This bag has been part of her bag collection for years, and while she packed a lot, and I mean a lot, of bags for her European press honeymoon, I love to see this bag making a comeback.

Jennifer Lopez Chanel Fringe Bag

I would love, and I mean love, to see the contract that tells Lopez how often she must carry a Coach bag. I am sure it is iron clad, and while sometimes it doesn’t seem like the right fit for the two, other times I find it oddly perfect.

Jennifer Lopez Coach Bag 2

There’s so much going on in this picture, from the fur coat to the clear platform heels to the Hermès shopping bag, and it’s all finished off with a Coach bag. Again, it’s almost so odd it just makes total sense here.

Jennifer Lopez Coach Bag

I like this bag; it’s crisp, fall-like, and nicely structured.

Jennifer Lopez Coach Beat Bag 2

This version of the bag is even more beautiful. I love it!

Jennifer Lopez Coach Beat Bag

A peek at the iconic Barbara Streisand face on a frame bag is the bag combo (from Coach!) I didn’t know we needed.

Jennifer Lopez Coach Richard Bernstein Collaboration

Stars, they’re just like us, even they need to haul their daily goods in a very practical, albeit fashionable, Dior Book Tote.

Jennifer Lopez Dior Book Tote

This clutch is a work of art.

Jennifer Lopez Dolce Gabbana

This neutral-hued Fendi First feels like a match made in heaven for Lopez on her more pared-down days.

Jennifer Lopez Fendi First Bag

Or she can completely amp it up and go for the head-to-toe matching marbled Fendi ensemble.

Jennifer Lopez Fendi Peekaboo

I love the sundress with the Gucci Diana Bamboo Bag – this is an accessible look for us normies!

Jennifer Lopez Gucci Bamboo Bag

She is a fan of the Gucci Diana; she has it in multiple sizes!

Jennifer Lopez Gucci Diana Bag 2

Another outing with her Gucci Diana. This is a bag I know and love as well.

Jennifer Lopez Gucci Diana Bag

There are a few brands I’m surprised not to see Lopez carrying more, and Louis Vuitton is one of them.

Jennifer Lopez Louis Vuitton Capucines

It’s not her norm to pick a lesser-known brand, but this really looks nice with her outfit.

Jennifer Lopez The View Aspinal of London Bag

This Tom Ford Clutch needs its hardware to be cleaned badly.

Jennifer Lopez Tom Ford Clutch

Lopez is a big fan of Valentino, and this bag suits her.

Jennifer Lopez Valentino Single Stud Bag

The Parade of J.Lo’s Hermès Bags

This is the perfect everyday hauler, and J. Lo proves she can go for the practical daily carry as much as the extreme luxury option.

Jennifer Lopez Black Hermes Birkin Bag 2

See, it’s so nice she’s spotted with it twice (actually many more times, but just included two pictures). This bag looks like it has been part of her collection for a while as well. We spotted a very similar, if not the exact same bag, in her repertoire in years past.

Jennifer Lopez Black Hermes Birkin Bag

Here’s where it gets interesting, we are back to her personal collection of highly rare and exclusive Hermès bags. This pretty little number is the ultimate shiny, compact stunner.

Jennifer Lopez Crocodile Hermes Birkin

She keeps continues showing that she isn’t like us – this Matte Alligator Vert d’eau Birkin is a work of art.

When she’s not toting what I deemed her more practical daily hauler, a “simple” Black Birkin, J. Lo opts for this 35cm Fauve Barenia Crocodile Birkin. It’s giving me Upper East Side vibes.

Jennifer Lopez Hermes Crocodile Birkin

Oh, this little ole thing she’s taking to a WORKOUT? Yep, because why not? The infamous and highly coveted Hermès Himalaya Birkin – in 25cm no less.

Jennifer Lopez Hermes Himalaya Birkin 25

One more for this stunner!

Jennifer Lopez Hermes Himalayan Birkin Bag

I was surprised she didn’t have more Kelly bags, but I love that she opted for a pop of color here, the color aptly named Lime.

Jennifer Lopez Hermes Kelly

While there weren’t many Kelly bags, there was the ultimate Kelly bag – the original Kelly Picnic in 35cm.

Jennifer Lopez Hermes Picnic Kelly
Hermès Kelly Picnic 35cm
via Vestiaire Collective
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4 days ago

I am a huge JLO fan and I love her bag collection. Whatever she wears, she always looks stunning.

4 days ago
Reply to  Candee

Agree! I bet she has over 100 bags in her collection. Would also like to say thank you purseblog for putting the size of the bag. Really helpful seeing how the size looks on the body frame of the celebrity. Sometimes i cant tell a k32 from a k35.

Dorothy Jonus
Dorothy Jonus
4 days ago

I miss the many bags of !!!! Please bring it back more often!

4 days ago

OMG that Kelly picnic is soooo cute.

4 days ago

Wow, always looks fab. Hope the best for her and Ben!

Laura W
Laura W
4 days ago

J Lo always looks stunning. Her bags are gorgeous. Not many could pull off the Fendi blue marbled Coat and bag look.

4 days ago

Amazing, please bring back the many bags of-series!

3 days ago

How come the ONLY thing anyone ever talks about lately regarding Jennifer Lopez…. is what shes wearing lol. Does she do anything else anymore, besides get dressed?!

4 days ago

She has some big feet

3 days ago

While there weren’t many Kelly bags, there was the ultimate

Georgina S
Georgina S
1 day ago

That vert d’eau pistachio hue is STUNNING.