For New Yorkers, New York magazine is a compendium of all things smart, fun and fashionable, and nowhere is that more evident than in The Cut, the magazine’s and website’s fashion and lifestyle section. We suspected it must take a mighty stylish group of women to put together The Cut every day, and when we visited their offices recently, those suspicions were confirmed.

Because of the realities of public transportation, looking put-together in New York requires an eye for accessories that are both chic and functional, and bags that maintain that balance are exactly what The Cut staffers carry with them. Below, check out the designs they bring to work.

Stella Bugbee

Diana Tsui

Lindsay Peoples

Dayna Evans

Ashley Weatherford

Anna Silman

Catie L’Heureux

Indya Brown

Emily Sundberg

Susan Rinkunas

Raydene Salinas

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  • C

    Ashley W.’s Michael B. Jordan body pillow is a HOOT. I need it.

  • M Green

    aww privileged people wearing expensive bags…

    • Truvey Taylor

      Don’t be jealous of success.

      • M Green

        You think that’s my definition of success?

    • Kate

      You consider Rebecca Minkoff expensive? Granted, some people can’t afford to spend two or three hundred dollars on a bag, but that’s hardly inaccessible to the average middle-class person.

    • Kate

      Also, I see plenty of minorities and women here. Hardly what are considered typical criteria for “privilege.” Unless they’re privileged because they’re employed and can actually afford material possessions? Hardly something they or anyone else should apologize for. By the way, you came to a website that is specifically devoted to handbags, with the majority of its content devoted to premier designer luxury brands, and you’re offended that it’s frivolous? Did you take a wrong turn on your way to the New York Times? Perhaps tomorrow they’ll suspend the site’s regularly scheduled content and instead report on the goings on at the UN, just for you, babykins.

      • Sara

        You’re funny lol
        Well said.

      • Janaki Subramanyam

        Agree, well said.

    • Yoshi1296

      How is a handbag a symbol of privilege to you?? You make no sense.

    • Rama

      I hope you’re also off posting similar comments on blogs devoted to expensive cars, luxury resorts, jewelry, and whatever else people spend their hard earned (or not, who cares) money on…

  • Michelle

    Number 1, I want that Idris Elba pillow!!!! Number 2, I’m having serious thoughts about that Cuyana saddle bag!

    • A

      Girl, that ain’t Idris Elba and no all Black people do not look the same!

      • EchoCharlie

        Not to be put a damper on anyone’s righteousness…but Lindsay does in fact have an Idris Elba pillow in her pic.

      • FashionableLena

        One is Idris Elba and the other is Michael B. Jordan.

  • Fawcett Proust

    It seems like these are bags that they actually use, which is refreshing. Cool to see indie brands and some lower priced pieces as opposed to the typical Céline/Hermès/Chanel fest.

  • JH

    This is my favorite so far of “The Bags of . . .” The women look like they actually work for a living and chose bags for real life needs/convenience in a range of prices. I have always considered the idea of carry a little bag in order to reduce how much stuff I carry around — nice to see Indya Brown actually doing it.


    There are always vintage or pre-owned handbags….if one cannot afford a brand new one!

    • Amazona

      Or if one doesn’t want a new bag. I, for one, mostly buy preloved and vintage because my paranoia over scuffs, scratches and wear stops me from enjoying a new, expensive bag. I had a Mulberry bag in my closet for four years because I was so scared to carry it in fear of scratching the HW or scuffing the leather…

  • psny15

    the new generation has some bad bags

  • AppleJackie

    I know this is an editorial and so by nature slightly unrealistic, but I always wonder if any of these folks have to lug a laptop back and forth to work. I have a beautiful collection of bags, but Monday through Friday my boring Longchamp is my workhorse.

  • Love this post!! Great bags you don’t see everyday and I’m fairly sure that Cuyana will end up in closet soon…very soon!

  • RogerTower

    I work in the industry ( and I love the story you are telling. There are so many reasons women chose handbags and fashion really is just one of them. This blog outlines that nicely. And for the record, I would also invite Steve Martin to dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sophie Proust

    Thank you for listening to our feedback and featuring women of color in this “The Many Bags of…” post!

  • psny15

    oh my, very eclectic bags – nothing something i would ever wear or even browse

  • Vicky

    That camera bag is the best!