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What if the case in question were the acid yellow Proenza Schouler iPad Case, which is easily the least iPad-case-looking designer iPad case I’ve seen since the advent of the product? How many more times do you think I can work the phrase “iPad case” into this post? I’d say that the over-under is six.

Anyway, this thing’s kind of a looker, right? And at $685, it’s cheaper than any of Proenza Schouler’s other clutches by a long shot, and unlike most spendy iPad cases (1), this one actually has a functional front flap pocket and the same detailing as the rest of the brand’s handbags. So I ask you: Why not leave the iPad at home, throw your regular stuff inside and carry this iPad case (2) as a clutch?

I see no reason why not, actually. The leather on this case isn’t rigid, and what do you really need for a night out that would be so bulky? A phone, a card case, some cash, a lipstick, your keys; all of that would fit in this iPad case (3) without making it bulge in an unsightly way, and the bright color is calling my name so loudly right now. Plus, the lines of this design are a little bit starker and straighter than those of the PS1 clutch, which feels very current in today’s aesthetic climate. Plus, like I already said, iPad cases (4) are cheaper than clutches! So what are we waiting for? Buy through Proenza Schouler for $685 (in orange-red and black, too).

Oh, and good for those of you who bet on the under. I only got to four.

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  • Kate

    Why not? I’ve bought new D&G laptop case in order to wear it as a clutch too! ))

  • Kat

    Why not? I prefer the red though, or even the black. The black button right smack dab in the middle is offputting to me. But other than that, this seems like a great option as a clutch!

  • alex

    i would carry this! stuff getting an ipad lol i use my balenciaga laptop case as a clutch – so convenient!!

  • andjaidy

    y not??? ive been waiting for LV. ill also settle with gucci… perfect! come to think of it… just holding the ipad2 with just the amazing foldable cover feels great… what more its inside my fave brand???

  • Dalia


  • Lucinda

    That colour makes my eyes hurt… The design is cute though, just looks like an oversized clutch so why not.

    • Jackie

      Haha. My eyes as well but there’s not denying that it’s a great design!

  • Jen

    Horrible. If I had known that the PS1 “non-It” bag would be made over and over into various, crappier reiterations of itself – like that neon iPad cover – I would not bought the black PS1 that I am carrying – unfortunately – today. It makes me want to hurl my “discrete” PS1 out my office window.

  • 19yearslater

    It’s blinding me. It still looks like an iPad case, even with the ps1 detailing on the front. I’d go for a real clutch and save these for the actual iPads.

  • Ashleyg

    Hate the neon. It definitely looks like an iPad case to me. But in black, it looks kinda nice! Though, for that kind of money, I’d still just rather invest in a true clutch. As a matter of fact, I rather just have one of the wallets and call it a day.

  • Jessy

    I would!

  • kjon

    I think it could totally work as a clutch. I got a black patent Mulberry turn-lock laptop case on NAP and the description even suggested using the case as an oversized clutch! I haven’t done it yet but I would…

  • Mariah

    I hate the Apple fanboying that’s going on with major designers. None of them used to make phone or laptop cases and suddenly we have everyone making cases for Apple products.
    That being said, I would use an iPad (or a small laptop) case as a clutch. I wouldn’t have other uses for it because I don’t have an iPad (you can probably tell I’m not a fan of Apple).

  • Cathy Fitz

    Great idea! Love the look, but I’m not a fan of that color.

  • Nicole O.

    If I had an iPad & I had this PS1 case, then HELL YES!

  • Chels K

    I admit I like a more practical iPad case like the one I have now. That’s a beaut though and I like it just as it is including the color.

  • boo

    I def would! The color is adorable

  • Demi

    Of course!!! I love large clutches! An iPad case is lurge + looks like a clutch, so it matces my criteria!!!

  • Brooke Madison’s funny that this would be the title of your post…I definitely thought about it. Gucci had a nice iPad cover that I saw…

    ~signed Brooke Madison~