The UK Guardian rages “Louis Vuitton of laptop carriers” and that with good reason. There is absolutely no excuse for the fashion conscious working women of the 21st century to settle for mediocre, monotone and boring apparel, especially when it comes down to laptop carriers. London based Knomo stuns with a range of contemporary computer luggage with classy shapes and innovative features. Seldomly have I seen more striking and outstanding bags that promise to both keep your computing portables safe during transit and most importantly, complement you with a touch of sophistication.

Knomo CholetEach Knomo bag is packed with brilliantly designed and engineered features. The Knomo Tracker is a unique owner code that helps identify its owner in case of misplacement, allowing bag and owner to be reunited. All bags are also constructed of high quality materials, including double layers of high-density foam aiding shock absorption in case of bumps or knocks. Most appealing in my opinion is the quilted pouch that each bag comes with. It enables you to quickly detach it from the outer shell to take your laptop for a quick spin to the cafe. In addition, each bag has its own protective bag for cables, power supplies and other miscellaneous items.

First candidate for today’s exposition is the executive laptop bag named Cholet. The carrier features a genuine leather outside and smooth strengthened nylon on the gusset. A generously long shoulder strap ensures comfortable fit, while its insides reveal easily accessible phone and wallet pockets, along with additional inner pockets for PDA, iPod and stationery. An extra pocket keeps daily documents in place. Of course, the bag comes, as mentioned before, with the Knomo tracker, the quilted pouch and bundle bag for cables and the like. The bag comes in four different shades (Bloody Mary being the one pictured above) and fits most 14 inch laptops. The ultra chic carrier goes for £150, which equates to about $280.

Knomo QuettaThe second bag I’d like to show is the daily commuter bag Quetta. This bag carries a slightly different design and targets the daily office application in general. The Quetta is slighty larger in depth by about an inch. Its handles are shorter and softly padded for comfy toting. The larger unisex sibling to the Cholet fits 14-15 inch laptops and comes in Bloody Mary Red, James Brown and Limo Black. The Quetta finds new owners upon payment of £175 (about $325).

UK customers profit from the company’s free UK shipping, and if you order a bag until 13 hundred sharp, you will get your Knomo delivered by the next business day! Totally PB-approved! The US American clientele luckily can order their Knomo bags as well, with delivery within usually 5 business days. Check out Knomo’s fine assortment at or order directly through their online store.

I’ve included two pictures below to give you an idea of how big the Cholet and Quetta run – click (more…) to view them.

Knomo Cholet

Knomo Cholet Open

Knomo Quetta

Knomo Quetta Full Size

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