Juicy Couture iPod Mini CaseWe’re in for a Juicy weekend. The PB machine doesn’t stay still, we’re about to brighten your early spring sunday with some glamorous Juiciness! Resident blogger Meggers is a passionate Juicy Couture admirer, she won’t hold back paying hard-earned dollars for overpriced velour and terry gear – ‘cuz afterall, it’s all about the LOVE JUICY!

Following our prior iPod case roundup, we found another gorgeous little case for your iPod Mini. Juicy Couture’s very own Mini iPod Case features a chic leather shell that totes your player tight and in style. Juicy’s very own forged brand ‘J’ dangles lustfully off its side, while a clear plastic screen shields the display from nasty scratches. The case comes only in the pictured cherry-red color and goes for $58 at Nordstrom.

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  • kado

    “The case comes only in the pictured cherry-red color and goes for $58 at Nordstrom. ”

    Umm, the Juicy Ipod case also comes in pink and light blue, as stated and sold at Nieman Marcus:


    Here is the light blue:

    Here is the pink:

  • Megs

    Thanks kado for the headsup :)

  • becky

    this i pod cover is buff

  • Luciana

    omg i so love dat case i want it so bad lol

  • Laura

    I love it and it’s on sale for 39$ at neiman marcus!!! yay

  • billyjoe

    C-U-T-E! ;)

  • Caroline

    OMG Sooo C-U-T-E Going to buy it A.S.A.P. for my brand new iPod

  • Jen

    this is so cute!!! i want it so bad. i luv the “J” dangle cuz my name starts w/ “J”!!!

  • Rachel

    omg!! i want it in pink or light blue so badd… but i have no idea where to get it damn it! =( i love Juicy Couture!! i hope i can afford it.. lol

  • Jessica

    OMG! i proper love da juicy ase i really want 2 no wer 2 get one i want it in pink i really love juicy it is the best thing ever designed lol xxx

  • juicycouturelvr

    OMG i want it sooo bad OMG!!! it is even pink and orange! yeh!! im gonig to buy it asap for my brand new ipod!!!!!!

  • sheherazade

    This Ipod cover is so sexy and cute ,I need it!!!!!

  • Selina

    Well peeps, ive seen it in selfridges its bout £60 so u kno wher my nxt wage is go!!! xxx



  • Francesca

    This thing isn’t great! i got one for christmas and it is hard as crap to get the ipod in and out of!

  • tiffyloveeee


  • Jeanette

    Wow! This is so Awesom! Juicy Couture came out in a Ipod pouch! It’s so pretty! I want to get one!

  • gabriella xx

    oh my god i need it lol its so cute xx

  • juicey2!!!

    omg! that is soo fetch!!!! i need to get it.

  • juicey1!!!!

    omg i love it i have to get it!! its just so FETCH!!!!
    its all about the juicys!!!!


  • juicylova1

    omg! were can i get this from i love it soooooooo much !

  • obsessedjuicy1

    omg how gorge!! dos any1 on ere no were i can actuali buy ths!! lol

  • Kristin

    the pink ones ugly.

  • Jessica

    Very cute! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    It needs more creativity; it looks too generic even with a chain. (ipad)

  • KY

    Cute, I want one for my iPod Touch. (ipad)