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As most of you already know, Spain won the World Cup title in overtime against Netherlands yesterday in front of a crowd of 88,000 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It marks the country’s first World Cup final win in the history of the tournament, and surely the players couldn’t be more proud to take the trophy back to Spain.

They won’t be taking just the trophy, however. This year, Louis Vuitton designed a special carrying case (complete with a spot for white gloves, natch) to display the trophy and move it around South Africa. Right, because Louis Vuitton monogram is so discreet. One day, I’d like to win something so cool that it requires its own custom Vuitton case.

Photo via Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter page.

Apparently heiress and celebutante Paris Hilton, like, just now heard about this whole World Cup thingy that’s going on over in Africa or wherever. Paris doesn’t appear to understand exactly what the World Cup entails, since she thinks it requires her to bring every piece of Louis Vuitton luggage on the planet (presumably to hold all of her rhinestone-encrusted vuvuzelas), but she’s going anyway. Has anyone told her that the US was already eliminated?

I know that Paris doesn’t seem all that quick on the uptake, so it doesn’t particularly surprise me that it took her over two weeks to figure out that, hey, there’s a world event going on! A lot of cameras are there! It’s sort of like Cannes, but with balls! [Insert Paris Hilton/balls joke here.]

Ok, maybe I’m just jealous. Of her trip to the World Cup AND her Louis Vuitton luggage. And also, her proximity to hot soccer players. Yes, that’s what stings the most.

UPDATE: We now know why Paris needed so much luggage – to hold all of her weed.

Picture via Paris’s Twitter account.

I’m from the South, so I come from a tradition where people dress up for particularly popular sporting events. Admittedly, I’m not all that tuned in to international soccer or the conventions and traditions that surround it, but I figure that there’s some daring bag lover out there that likes to dress to support her team and still be fashionable. If not, well, take this purely as a comedy post. You have to admit, however, that no matter where or how you’re watching the games, you’ve still got to carry a bag, right? (more…)

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