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Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Zip Wallet

Is there anything in particular that makes you want to buy a new handbag? If you are like most of us here on the Purse Blog team, you might not need a specific reason other than just because you want to. Frankly, that can be reason enough. However, there are certain times when I hear about a recent purchase or gift and it sparks my interest. Case in point: Megs’ birthday was this past weekend and Vlad bought her a fabulous new Louis Vuitton wallet. This got me thinking, “hey, I need a new wallet too”! (more…)

Ok ladies, let’s have a little heart to heart. Football season is just around the corner. Does this make you cringe or jump for joy?

I for one love football season. I feel like it is a great excuse for us ladies to act a little rowdy. I mean, I don’t need an excuse to get rowdy, but you better believe I’ll take it! (more…)

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