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As much as the PurseBlog team isn’t head-over-heels in love with the Mulberry Del Rey Bag, we do love Mulberry as a whole, and we really love getting a behind-the-scenes look at how a bag …

I’m normally a fan of all the products of Karl Lagerfeld’s acute insanity, but I’m not sure how I feel about My New Friend “Boy”, the new short film (read: commercial) that Lagerfeld directed, starring Alice Dellal (little sister of Charlotte Olympia designer Charlotte Dellal) and Chanel‘s new Boy Chanel bag line. Does Instagram have a new video app that I don’t know about?

I’m not sure that Dellal is much of an actress, and stomping around a mansion with a beautiful handbag just a little too far out of frame for it to be properly seen doesn’t do much to make me interested in the bag, even though I adore the Boy Chanel line. If Lagerfeld had dialed back the vintage filtering just a bit, I think the video (and its audience) would have benefited immensely, but I’ll reserve final judgment until the still shots emerge; Chanel’s have been beautiful recently. What say you? Take a look at the video above and sound off in the comments.

Karl Lagerfeld’s aptly named Karl “masstige” (that’s the portmanteau meant to denote almost-luxury items at a relatively-not-terrible price) line debuted at Net-a-Porter to much fanfare and hype on Wednesday, and I do have to admit that there were a few items I considered picked up: the faux leather pleated skirt, sequined collar, leather moto gloves, silver high-tops…okay, maybe there were more than a few. I like black, just like Kaiser Karl. But what of the handbags? And what of that slightly batty video of Karl interviewing himself, which we have provided for you after the jump? It’s Friday, after all. (more…)

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Tote, $750 via Barneys in white or orange

When I posted about 3.1 Phillip Lim’s stellar Spring 2012 collection a few weeks ago, your reactions were just as enthusiastic as mine – the bags are minimal, modern perfection. Recently, a little bit more information has surfaced about the concept behind the collection’s most anticipated designs, including a Style.com video to show them in action.

The 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bags are meant for a woman who needs functional choices above and beyond a normal lifestyle – someone sophisticated, urban, blah blah blah. It’s the kind of lip service that every brand pays to its customers while trying to sell them expensive handbags, but Lim’s designs might actually fit their lofty descriptors. Plus, with price tags for $295 for a small clutch to $895 for the much-anticipated bicolor north-south tote, this might be the most affordable It Bag we’ll see for years to come. Check out the video after the jump or shop the first arrivals of the design via Barneys in orange, white or black. The bag above is priced at $750. (more…)

If you’re here reading this, odds are that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on handbags and accessories in your lifetime, but how well do you understand what goes into making them? I’m betting that most bag lovers have only a vague idea at best, but wouldn’t it be fun to be able to take a peek behind the curtain?

Thanks to an excellent series of videos of Neiman Marcus’s blog, we can do just that with the famous Marc Jacobs Stam as our guinea pig. The four clips take us all the way from conception to manufacturing, and all of the important details of realizing an idea are there, from making the patterns to dying the leather to bending the metal for the Stam’s signature frame. My favorite video is the fourth one, above, which shows how the Marc Jacobs bag is actually assembled. You can check out the first three after the jump and view the original posts at Neiman Marcus Daily. (more…)


Anyone who’s ever tried to push a needle through any kind of durable material knows that doing it in an orderly, aesthetically pleasing way is nearly impossible, which just makes the amount of handwork that goes into some of Hermes’ leather goods all the more impressive. (more…)

People always wonder why Hermes handbags cost so much, and the answer is a complicated one, just like it would be difficult to explain why a Bentley costs as much as the average American pays for a house; the prices simply aren’t based on materials and labor alone. In fact, the video tour of Hermes’ newest Paris store probably gives a much more succinct illustration than words ever could. (more…)

Promotional videos are all the rage among high-end brands these days, and with its accessories profile rising quickly, Loewe is the latest brand to release a clip to the ravenous fashion hordes of the Internet. What do we learn from this video? Nothing, except that Loewe probably paid a filmmaker a lot of money for a minute and change worth of exploding Amazona handbags, which strikes me as kind of awesome in a completely nonsensical way.

Video via Style.com.

We followed up with our Rebecca Minkoff Spring Preview with a short interview with Rebecca Minkoff. We asked some forum members what questions they had for Rebecca Minkoff and here she answers.

Find out what is next for the brand, how the economy has affected her business, and when the next sample sales are!