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In an industry dominated by animal skins, leather and exotic, it’s refreshing to see designers dedicated to an animal-friendly ethic. One of these brands is Big Buddha, a vegan brand based in California and producing some really, really cute handbags at prices that are quite low.

Due to my obsession with travel bags, I honed in on the simple, textured Big Buddha Tiny Dancer Satchel. It’s vegan leather, which alone is very interesting- I’d like to see the bag in person to feel what the leather is like. It seems quite soft in the stock photos. No matter the feel, this satchel is quite perfect for travel. (more…)

In a world where an increasing number of people are concerned over the condition of the environment and how the cattle industry impacts it (something about cow farts, I’m not sure, honestly), it’s important to a lot of consumers to have options that they perceive as environmentally friendly and conscientious. It seems like a new brand pops up every day trying to fill this part of the market, but let’s face it, some of the bags aren’t cute. Well, the all-vegan Deux Lux Tribeca Woven Hobo sort of is. It has a strong, obvious Bottega Veneta influence with a bit more of a rustic edge.

Deux Lux Tribeca Woven Hobo

I can’t say that I enjoy the webbing at the handles, but overall it’s relatively unoffensive and might even be something that customers without environmental concerns would consider adding to their handbag collection. And that’s always been the problem with environmentally friendly products – convincing average consumers that they’re not sacrificing what they really want by getting something that’s less harmful to the world around them. I’m not sure that this bag can do that, but it’s a strong contender. Buy through Luna Boston for $125.

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