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As Megs just posted earlier today, how is your holiday shopping going? Every year I tell myself that I will get a head start next time, and well, I guess I just never do. So, as the holidays quickly approach I find myself wondering what I will get for all those amazing people in my life. And although I’d love to spend countless dollars on each gift, it just isn’t possible. Luckily, there are some great things going on over at Ideeli today and there is one I can’t get enough of. The VBH Handbag Sale offers up to 73% off selected handbags! I am absolutely head over heels for the VBH POCHE II. This multi-colored python clutch has gold-toned accents, brown top stitch detailing and a hook and eye closure. Gorgeous! I usually shy away from what might appear to be tie-dye inspired handbags, but not this time. The clutch is sophisticated, chic and absolutely one I’d love to have. Click here to peruse and save!

So, for those of you avid Purse Blog readers, you have already read about the Net-A-Porter Summer Clearance Sale that is going on (thanks Megs). Originally, selected items were being offered at a 20% discounted price. However, lucky for us, there is now an additional promotion going on. When checking out through Net-A-Porter, enter the special promotion code “Summer” and receive an additional 20% off of selected items. Let’s be honest here, no matter how much extra cash you have to drop when out shopping, it is always nice to get a killer handbag, dress, or pair of shoes… ON SALE! To expand just a bit more, I have to say I hate when huge Sales are announced and then I arrive and see nothing but out-dated or flawed merchandise. Fortunately, this is not the case through the Net-A-Porter Sale. Check out the many deals they are offering not only for handbags but also clothing, shoes and accessories. In order to tempt you just a bit, take a look at some of the amazing deals below:

I have something I’d like to share. One day, I promise all of you reading I will own a Jimmy Choo handbag. That’s right, I yearn to add a Jimmy Choo handbag to my collection. Sure, it might be the name, but I’m ok with that. At the same time there is no denying the fabulous attention to detail, amazing material and eclectic variety of shapes. Maybe the Jimmy Choo Alex Leather bag will be my first? Originally sold for $2,175, you can now buy it at 30% off for $1,522. (more…)

I am like an old broken record player, telling you all time and time again how much I love clutches and many times do not have use for a larger bag. So I am going to say it again, but I only say it because it is true! Futhermore, I have an exotic, different material, obsession when it comes to clutches. This is two reasons: 1) I can justify the price/semi-afford it and 2) bold, daring, and otherwise flamboyant designs are much more appealing on a smaller surface. One of my favorite designers when it comes to clutches is VBH. VBH is named after Mr V. Bruce Hoeksema, a former colleague of Valentino. VBH clutches have become the ubiquitous evening bag, held in the hands of celebrities on the red carpets or grand openings. But these clutches can be used daily also. From funky to refined, there is a clutch from VBH for everyone. Right now a few are marked down at Net A Porter, or there is the illustrious Alligator Clutch (which I am ultimately obsessed with).

vbh velvet clutch
VBH Manilla Velvet Clutch | $850 via Net A Porter

vbh ostrich clutch
VBH Ostrich Clutch | Was $1,850 Now $1,295 via Net A Porter (more…)

vbh python box clutch
VBH Python Box Clutch

Vlad and I lucked out amazingly for our trip in NYC this week with the weather. I am talking about weather that makes Florida right now look bad, as Florida is a tad too hot already. It was mid 60’s, sunshine, a mini breeze, beautiful tulips, blooming trees, and blue skies. Apparently this weekend it is supposed to rain. That must mean those in charge of the weather gave me a treat, especially after my health scare last week, which was much needed. The typical New Yorker black has finally transitioned into some pops of colors, which I love. I wore yellow jeans and green pants and paired them with and orange scarf. I kept my tank tops basic solid colors, but I was so wishing I had a funky handbag to carry around. It is all about multicolor this spring. We have the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy (officially due to arrive May 1st) and the Fendi Rainbow Clutch (which is sold out at Net A Porter but also due to arrive shortly in boutiques). Now we have the glorious brightly colored VBH Python Box Clutch which also has my heart. The dyes are like the perfect tie-dye shirt ever made, bright and bold but mixing together wonderfully. This is the accessory to dress up an outfit. But don’t get on the ‘what were they thinking list‘. Pair a bold accessory like this with solid pieces. I am actually a little bit obsessed with this bag, just as much as I am obsessed with the weather NYC gave us this past week. Buy through Net A Porter for $1250.

Alexander McQueen Skull Embroidered Scarf

My Couture is all about the layering. Try the Alexander McQeen Skull Scarf and the Falke Tights.

Fab Sugar loves the Prada Resort 2008 Ad. Simply fab.

Hilary Duff is no longer the good girl? Oh no. [via Celebrity Rumors]

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