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One thing that I really respect about the bag designers at Valentino is that not only do they know their theme (flowers), but they seem to try everything they can to work their theme in as many ways as possible. They’re one of very few large, well-known design houses that continue to put out things that are actually interesting to look at instead of just bags that will appeal to huge numbers of people and sell a lot of units. They may make less money on their accessories division that way, but I certainly appreciate their efforts with things like the Valentino Glamorous Tote.

Valentino Glamorous Tote

In real life, for the average woman, spending thousands of dollars on a bag covered in thousands of cream-colored petals is not a practical thing to do, but this bag lives firmly in the realm of fantasy. I saw it in person not too long ago, and the Glamorous Tote is just that – glamorous, and a creamy confection of a bag that is girly to the nth degree. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I have no idea where one would carry this bag, but I think you have to agree that it’s way more interesting and innovative than another black leather tote. Someone must have some kind of idea about how to carry it, though – Bergdorf Goodman is backordered. Buy through Bergdorf for $2995.

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