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Valentino Floral Applique Satchel Oh, Valentine’s Day. It’s coming soon, I think. What? Less than a month. Oh, ok. So, really soon. Time to start trying to poach yourself a man, ladies! Or, for those that already have a man (or simply prefer the love of a beautiful handbag to a man), Valentino (what an appropriate name!) has created one of the most Valentines-appropriate bags I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

The Valentino Floral Applique Satchel is more than just a theme-y bag, however, and it may be pure coincidence that it should come on the market right now (although, probably not. Marketing people know better than to not exploit the holiday opportunity with a design like this). Entirely covered in tightly-packed silk roses, the construction of the tote’s exterior is amazing, and the finishing is ever so slightly rough, lending a fashionable edge to something that could very easily become a bit twee. Or really twee. The ombre finish of the silk roses gives a depth of color that also help avoid the kitsch and make the tote wearable more than just 1 day per year. Handbags of this type are where fashion teeters between function and art, and I’m more than comfortable toeing the line. Be one of the first people to own this handbag, pre-order through Nordstrom!

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