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You know what, sometimes I just like to feel pretty. I want to have pretty clothes, a pretty handbag and pretty shoes. Sure, I’ve said before that I really look for the functionality factor in a handbag, and don’t get me wrong, I do, but from time to time the only thing I care about is finding a new pretty bag to add to my collection. Well, I certainly lucked out here with Treesje. Megs and Vlad had the chance to interview designers Laura Darrah and Sheila Nazarian while not too long ago I had the opportunity to meet them while I was out in LA. Not only do I love the handbags, but also think the world of the designers. These ladies are smart, approachable, talented and fun. It is important to them that they provide handbags which are both functional and beautiful. The Treesje Luna Bag is fabulous. It is large enough to tote around during the day and chic enough to use during a night out on the town. The inside is fully lined and has cell phone/PDA holders, a zipper pocket and a key hook. I love the distressed champagne color, but if you are looking for something different, the bag comes in three other colors. Buy through Treesje for $685.