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Sometimes an It Bag comes along, and I just completely don’t understand why anyone cares about it. I look at lots of bags every day, and usually the cream rises to the top – the really good bags are the ones that build huge celebrity and non-celebrity followings. Usually, at least. And then there are times that I wonder if so many celebs are seen with particular bags just because the designer sent freebies to everyone that has ever acted, posed, or been on reality tv. Sadly, I think that might be the case with the Tracy Zych Medium Edie Bag.

Tracy Zych Medium Edie Bag

Don’t get me wrong, it seems ok – it’s real leather and all that. But there’s just no *pop* for me. It seems really average, and some of the details, like the handle attachment, seemed a bit cheap and/or unsophisticated. It doesn’t have a great deal of personality to me, and the shape seems kind of awkward. So why are all the celebrities, who have their pick of zillions of amazing handbags, wearing it? I couldn’t really tell you, but maybe there’s more there than meets the eye. Buy through Singer22 for $575.

I can’t help but find myself wondering what it would feel like for a handbag designer (or any designer for that matter) to see one of your bags being carried by a celebrity. To think about all the time and effort you’ve put into your designs, the line, and then finally – one of your bags is photographed being carried by a celebrity. It must be an amazing feeling; perhaps a combination between a sigh of relief and holding your breath waiting to see what others are going to say. Well, the Tracy Zych New York Medium Edie Bag has been seen on the arm of many of Hollywood’s most famous celebs. And to me, it seems like there is a good reason for it. First of all, the bag is the perfect combination of practical, young and fun. Plus, the handbag is available in several great colors: red (pictured here), blue, pink, black, ivory and yellow. Of course, some colors are harder to find than others, but they are out there! I’m a fan of the red right now because well, if nothing else, how fantastic are most red handbags? Even if the bag is pretty simple, almost any red handbag has an extra hint of sexiness to it. Double straps, gold hardware and plenty of storage space makes this bag perfect for so many occasions. Buy through Singer22 for $575.