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In the interest of full disclosure: I’ve never seen a single movie that Emma Roberts has been in, and therefore I cannot pontificate on her merits as an actress. It’s not that I’ve avoided them, …

The only thing better than a cute, functional bag is a cute, functional bag on sale. That’s a universal fashion truth that few people would contradict, and it continues to prove its veracity with the Tila March Manon Suede Bag. March enjoys more handbag fame in Europe than stateside, and perhaps her relatively low profile contributed to the discounting of this bag.

Whatever the reason, the bag was reasonably priced at its original $525, and it’s even more reasonably for $367. Suede has lately transitioned to a year-round material and this shade of grey is just right to be worn in virtually any season, not to mention that it won’t show much wear. This is the type of bag that you’ll get plenty of use out of, so grab it while it’s on sale if you have a gap for it in your closet. Larger picture and purchasing information, after the jump. (more…)

Tila March Zelig Large Canvas ToteFor some reason, I’ve repeatedly scrolled past the Tila March Zelig Large Canvas Tote on Net-a-Porter when looking for bags to share with you guys. I’m not sure why – maybe because it’s not exotic and showy? Not blinged-out enough? Who knows. What I do know, though, is that I took a good look at it for the first time today and I actually quite like it. The juxtaposition of the crisp white trim with the reddish-orange canvas is streamlined while still being a throwback to retro beach style; I could see a stylish women carrying something similar to the beach in the 1960s. Because of the simplicity and functionality of the bag, though, I think it does a good job of being retro without looking dated. It also looks like it would perform it’s assigned task quite well – the top opens super wide to reveal an interior lined in white fabric, making it easy to spot your belonging (and those pesky sunglasses that fall to the bottom) inside. Overall, if I had the extra scratch, I’d love to have one of these to take with me to the pool or beach this summer. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $470.