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If you have the ability to read, a functioning internet connection and at least a passing interest in female-focused pop culture, you’ve probably read some truly and utterly scathing reviews of Sex and the City 2. I certainly did before going to see it with my best girlfriend on Saturday night, and when you combine their description of the movie with the residual anger that I’m still having over how face-numbingly awful the first SATC movie was, my expectations were so low as to be almost nonexistent.

And then, a weird thing happened: I sorta liked it. I grinned for almost the entire two-and-a-half hours, laughed out loud on more than a few occasions, and may or may not have gasped something along the lines of “OH MY GOD IT’S THE DIOR NEWSPRINT DRESS” loud enough for several rows of women to turn around and look at me, even though I already knew that particular item was going to be in the film. And it all made me wonder – what were all of those critics so angry about anyway?

Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers in my review. I promise. (more…)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louboutin

They’re baaaacccckkk! That is right, Sex and the City 2 began filming today in NYC. The paparazzi were there along with fans hoping to spot the fashionable cast and get a glimpse into the movie. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, popped into the streets of NYC in Christian Louboutin accessories. She carried the Christian Louboutin Sylvia Large Softy Calf Hobo Bag with Hand Wrapped Leather Handle, $1,795, and wore the Christian Louboutin Gino Yellow and Black Round Toe T-Strap Shoes, $865. Buy Christian Louboutin via Net A Porter.

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sex and the city
Sex and the City movie poster

In about one hour masses of people will be sitting down to watch the most highly talked about movie of the summer, Sex and the City. But is this movie worth the hype? To be honest, I would not want to be in their place, nor the producers place, nor the wardrobes place, nor anyone affiliated with the movie’s place. When something is chalked up to be something so incredible, the expectations are set high (many times unattainably high). Don’t get me wrong, I am of course going to see the movie and of course incredibly excited. But I feel like some early reviews have only been mediocre, and even if the movie is great, it is going to be hard to fill the shoes that have been built for it. I will probably go see the movie Monday, which will still be crazy, but not as crazy as tonight at midnight. Really, I am excited for a fun plot and great outfits (and of course the glorious bags!!). Which of you are already in the long line waiting to get in? Which of you are so excited you can hardly stand it? And which of you think it is over-hyped?

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