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7 For All Mankind Metal Link Link Large ToteFor some reason, I’m in a slightly punk rock mood this morning. I want black leather, dark silver hardware, and something fashionable made out of both. The 7 For All Mankind Metal Link Large Tote fits that bill perfectly – the metal links on the front seams remind me of huge surgical staples, which is something so medical and un-pretty that I kind of love that I’m seeing them on a bag that’s actually quite nice-looking. A lot of the vision behind the punk look is being able to see the beauty in things that aren’t traditionally thought of as beautiful – industrial, non-fashionable things to which the average person doesn’t give a second thought. It’s incorporated in a way that’s still subtle and fashionable here, which makes it possible for a variety of people to wear it. Kudos to SFAM for doing something that’s less obvious than a lot of other brands. If their past few bags have been any indication, I may have to add them to my collection soon. Buy through Shop Bop for $595.

Seven For All Mankind Ibiza Clutch Sometimes I love it when designers give their leather a subtle sparkle, and sometimes I hate it. The Seven For All Mankind Ibiza Clutch is a great example of glitter done right – meaning, it’s done subtly and on a small bag. After writing about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc of Q Linda Clutch yesterday, I started thinking about other examples of design elements that work best in small quantities, and this one of them. A bag full of glittery leather can be a bit much, particularly if the leather is dark and the glitter stands out against it. SFAM got it right with this one, though, by using the sparkle effect on light leather and for a small bag. The glitter is the feature here, since the bag has no visible hardware, and a simple knot adds to the personality. This would be a perfect bag for a night out in warm weather – dressy and glam without being stuffy or dark. Buy through Shop Bop for $225.