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Sometimes I really think that designers make some handbags just because they need to have a tote, a satchel or another design. This is how I feel about the See by Chloe Small Tote. There is simply nothing special about this handbag whatsoever. It is a black, canvas tote with rhinestone and screen-print logo lettering on the front. This does not “wow” me. I am all for a durable, functional tote, but at the same time, I don’t want to compromise fashion. And really, when it comes to totes, there so many options out there, why settle for something like this? Now, if you think I am wrong and you think this is the kind of tote you could totally see yourself carrying, let me know. The one great thing about this tote is the price; yet, I still think you can find something much better for a similar price. Buy through ShopBop for $84.