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See by Chloe SBC Shopper BagI’ll start by saying that I don’t think that I like this bag…but I’m not sure. The See by Chloe SBC Shopper Bag has me making my confused face. And my confused face is not cute, so we better figure this out quickly, ok? On the one hand, I like the color combo. For the past several days, green bags have been very appealing to me, so much so that I’m thinking about going out and buying a small, inexpensive one just to satisfy the urge (and prevent myself from spending far more money on a big designer one). So my sudden enamored state might be swaying me, although I’m much more in the mood for lime green that sea green. I’m also digging the wrinkly leather – I’m a sucker for texture, and this back looks soft and crinkly at the same time. That’s a trick I might like, I think. And then, the logo. Don’t like the logo. I doubt the average person has any idea what SBC is, but I’m not a fan out outsized branding of any sort, and the enormous lettering ultimately ruins this bag for me. Which is too bad, since I think the price point is good and the leather looks nice. Lose the letters, and I’m on board. Buy through ShopBop for $595.