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See by Chloe Floral Canvas ToteDo you ever find yourself wishing you had talents you don’t? Sometimes I wish I was a better artist than I am. I wish that I could pick up a paintbrush, dip it in some paint, and just paint on a large canvas. Sure, I can do that, but the result isn’t necessarily what I hope it can be. So, how did all of this come up today? Well, I came across the See by Chloé Floral Canvas Tote and could only think of one instance where I might actually use the bag – to hold my art supplies. Honestly, other than holding my arts and crafts supplies, I can’t really think of another situation in which this bag could be practical. Perhaps as a beach bag, but other than that, the bag is just way too busy for me. The multicolored canvas floral print is a lot for your eyes to take in. The bag has shoulder straps and is clearly large enough to stuff in all sorts of things. But, is this the kind of bag that is a bit much for day to day errands? I kind of think so. I do think the bag has a funky side to it and perhaps there are some of you who could completely pull it off. But, for me, unless I am stuffing my brushes, paint, pencils, and other necessities a budding artist might carry into this bag, I don’t think I see myself adding it to my collection anytime soon. What do you think? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $160.