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Studs. Where do we stand?
I’m always a bit prone to liking studs because I grew up listening to punk music and going to underground shows in high school, but even a devotee like me who has an emotional connection to a the motif can feel a bit of fatigue after every label under the sun produced a stud-covered bag for last fall (and this spring, and now this fall…ad infinitum).

Personally, I need a little bit of obvious ingenuity in a design to get my motor running for a studded bag these days, but if you’re just now warming to the trend or if you’ve been in jail for the past year and want to carry studs before they’re completely over, the ROMYGOLD The Drew Bag is probably as good an option as any. (more…)

Alright, before anyone begins to chastise me, I am calling myself out. I realize that I cannot make up my mind. So for those of you who missed out, yesterday I wrote about a ROMYGOLD bag that absolutely disgusted me. I mean, it almost made me physically ill when I came across it. Then, just a little while ago as I perused Shopbop, I came across a smaller version of the bag, a much, much smaller version and, well, I really like it. (more…)

Being the kind of girl who loves an edgy handbag as much as the next person, I was a bit disappointed to come across this one. While I am not the designer nor was I a part of the design team, I do feel like those behind this bag were aiming for a rocker/edgy look. I can see where they were coming from but unfortunately they missed the mark.

It looks like someone’s small child took a pair of scissors and went to town. (more…)

A bag with good texture can be hard to find. If it’s done well, it can easily make a bag one of the most unique and eye-catching options out there. If it’s not done well, things can start looking cheap really, really quickly.

As far as the ROMYGOLD Biker Slash Tote goes, I think it errs on the side of cool and interesting. The graphic white immediately sets a modernist tone, and the shape and size of the slashes takes that idea to the next level. I feel like it might be missing something, though, but I’m not quite sure what that might be. (more…)

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