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I’d like to begin my wish list by saying that I am almost entirely opposed to the concept of the wish list. I’d much rather have a thoughtful surprise than something picked off a list based on price and/or availability, but with the way holidays go, that’s not always possible. Plus, I’m a difficult person to buy for in general; if something’s reasonably priced and I like it enough, I’ll probably buy it for myself long before any holiday comes around. Add to that the additional complication of my birthday falling on Christmas Eve, and I’m sure it’s just easier for people to pretend that they don’t know me at all during this time of year. But if my friends and loved ones had unlimited budgets and felt like being generous with me, these are the things I’d tell them to buy. (more…)

Not long after the annual summer release of a new iPhone comes an inevitable parade of ways to personalize and protect your new gadget. Those options range from rubber cases that can be had for $19.99 at your local Best Buy to Louis Vuitton monogram sheaths that cost more than the phone itself (with a two-year contract, of course), and the prospect of choosing one can be quite the task indeed for style-conscious gadget-lovers.

Since it seems as though the iPhone 4 is making a case more of a necessity than ever, now is a good a time as any to talk about the odd submarket that has opened up for designer tech accessories. Would you spend a couple hundred bucks on a case for your phone, or are such things absolutely frivolous in your mind? (more…)

Black is one of the most essential colors (I know there is a long standing argument about if black is or is not a color) that you must have in your wardrobe. There is the little black dress. The black bag. The black shoes. The black pants. The black clutch. The black tee shirt. The black jacket. Forget the argument of black as a color and realize that black is a staple of most wardrobes. I have a great little black dress from Prada that fits beautifully and has been used for a variety of events. But when I looked in my closet I realized a lack of black bags. I do have a classic Chanel Bag but I am lacking a compact black clutch and a larger black handbag.

I kid you not, I dreamt about a black Hermes Birkin last night. I woke up craving one and questioning whether I should opt for gold hardware or palladium hardware and if 35 cm would be better rather than 30. This year is a great year for investment pieces and a classic Birkin in a color that is classic seems to be a good fit.

Black Wardrobe Essentials

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