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Rachel Nasvik Janice Convertible HoboEver see a bag, then see the price tag, and think, “No way, no how am I ever paying anything near that for that bag?” That’s the thought I had when I first saw the Rachel Nasvik Janice Convertible Hobo. I don’t like to hate on small designers, so it pains me to say this, but…is she out of her mind?

That’s a bag for which I wouldn’t pay more than $50, based on how slick and stiff the leather looks and the overall small size and and boring design of the bag. It’s more like something you buy in order to take out on a night when you know you’re probably going to mess it up, not a bag you pay hundreds of dollars for. I see nothing about it that says “high-end” to me. On top of all that, it just doesn’t have much personality. If you’re going to spend that much on a clutch, get something special with lots of details and workmanship. This bag is thoroughly average, and I woudn’t buy it for half the price. Buy through Luna Boston for $448.