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Today is Day 12 of our 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Over the past several days, Purse Blog and Luxaholics have brought you a wide range of drop dead amazing handbags. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the giveaway as much as we have. And hopefully, we will be able to bring you more fabulous giveaways like this in the future. But, before we totally say goodbye to the giveaway, we can’t forget about Day 12. Just last Friday, Day 9 Linea Pelle gave 3 handbags and today they are giving another, the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Speedy Tote. This is a perfect bag, day or night.

Ok, but that is not all. If selected as today’s winner, you will not only win the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Speedy Tote, but you will also win your very own Louis Vuitton handbag! We are so thankful to all the designers who have participated in this giveaway. So, here at Purse Blog, we wanted to add a special gift too. We give you the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM. The supple handbag boasts monogram canvas, microfiber lining and natural cowhide trimmings. You will look fabulous carrying your new LV handbag around anytime of the day, night or year. Easily carried on the shoulder or in hand, this bag is sure to be one you keep for years to come.

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Today’s secret code: Purse Blog

Only two days left in our amazing 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Over the past ten days Purse Blog and Luxaholics has brought you gorgeous handbags as well as introduced you to some fabulous designers you may or may not have heard of. And today we bring you the Furla Winter White Carmen. I have to say, this is one handbag that is truly perfect for the holiday season. In fact, this Furla handbag would be great for several seasons. The white embossed croco leather is eye catching. At the same time, Furla has found a way to pick just the right shade of white which can be used during multiple seasons. Furla is one of the leading handbag brands in Europe and its popularity and presence have been increasing here in the United States. Who knows, today might be your day to win!

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Today’s secret code: 1927

Another day, another giveaway. Wait, that isn’t quite true. This isn’t just any giveaway. Each day Purse Blog and Luxaholics continues to bring you great designer handbags – all unique and oh so fabulous in their own ways. Today, Day 8 of our 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway is sponsored by the oh so wonderful Jalda. Jalda was another LA based designer I had the pleasure to meet up with while I was in LA last month. Her handbags are fabulous and her clutches, down right breathtaking. Today, enter to win the Jalda Stingray Bean Clutch. Those of you who are familiar with Jalda probably notice the signature bean clutch. It is unique, fresh and fun to hold. This clutch has an added feature, even when carrying this around on the hottest of days, your hand will remain cool since stingray is a material that retains a cool temperature. I love, love, LOVE this clutch!!!

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Today’s secret code: Blue

Let’s face it, the celebrity craze is everywhere. Here at Purse Blog and over at Luxaholics we talk about celebs all the time; where they hang out, who they are with and of course what they wear. Now, that of course includes what handbags they are carrying. Just as some celebs can be photographed wearing several different outfits a day, they can also be found carrying several different handbags. LA based designer CC Skye has a huge celeb following. And we are thrilled to say that our Day 7 Giveaway is her ever so popular and widely photographed CC Skye Lucy Bag.

To me, it is more than obvious why this handbag is such a celeb favorite. It is chic, edgy, fun, sophisticated, practical and oh so fashionable. The rolled double handles offer something just a bit different than you might be used to seeing while the classic shape of the handbag provides ample room for whatever you need to bring along with you. I had a chance to meet CC Skye when I was out in LA last month and let me just say, she is just like her handbags: chic, fun and lovely. So, as you pick up the secret code and head back to Luxaholics, stay tuned here at Purse Blog to read up on some great insider information!!!

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Today’s secret code: Malibu

We are right in the middle of the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaway. If you haven’t won yet, don’t worry, there are several more handbags to try your luck on. Purse Blog and Luxaholics continue to bring you some fabulous handbags from amazing designers. Today we bring you the Botkier Jackie Satchel. Botkier boasts gorgeous handbags with a definitely New York City feel. Megs and Vlad had a chance to meet and interview designer Monica Botkier a while back and we are thrilled to offer the chance to win one of her handbags. Botkier handbags are seen on countless celebs and truly boast eye popping designs. The Jackie Satchel in pewter snake cowhide has a gorgeous metallic finish. We all know that metallics are huge right now but the great thing about this bag is that it will be fashionable for seasons to come!

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Today’s secret code: Manhattan

Did you have a fabulous weekend but are you kind of dreading Monday? The 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways is in full force. As many of you know, Purse Blog has teamed up with Luxaholics to give you the chance to win some fabulous handbags. And what better way to start of your week than with this amazing Kooba Blake handbag? Kooba handbags are seen all over the place and for good reason. Quality is never compromised for fashion. But, you always see fashionable Kooba bags where ever you look. In fact, one of my very first designer handbags was a Kooba and I still rotate it in and out of my wardrobe. This bag is roomy and is perfect for every season.

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Today’s secret code: Abbe

Friday, there is something to be said for how fantastic Fridays are. So, what if the folks at Luxaholics and Purse Blog make your Friday that much better with the 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway!?! Well, today is an awesome day. We are giving away one of the most amazing handbags out there right now. The Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini is not just a gorgeous handbag, it is on that can truly stand the test of time. (Make sure to click on the image to see a larger view of this great handbag!) One of the great things about this bag is that whether you are a celeb or one of us “normal” people just running around town, this handbag is sure to catch people’s attention. The leather, supple. The color, fabulous. The attention to detail, intricate. The usability, endless. This is a handbag you can tote around day or night and your outfit is instantly kicked up a notch. Whether you have or haven’t heard of Rebecca Minkoff, her handbags are amazing and you need to explore her past, current and upcoming seasons; they are to die for. I have a few of her bags and I know I will sport them for quite some time to come. But, enter today and you can win one of your own!!!

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Today’s secret code: Eight

So, day 1 of the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaway has come and gone. Luxaholics will be compiling yesterday’s entries and we can’t wait to announce the winner. But fear not friends, there are several more days of handbag fun to come. In fact, today, we are thrilled to announce we aren’t giving away just one handbag but today’s lucky winner will win two handbags! (more…)

We have some awesome news to share with you all! Today, Purse Blog will be featured on the tv show EXTRA! If you’ve been reading up on a few of our teasers you know tomorrow, Tuesday December 9th kicks off the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways we’ve teamed up with Luxaholics on. This giveaway is going to be so awesome that EXTRA! has decided to do a segment about it which will air today. We are more than ecstatic to be partnering with Luxaholics for this giveaway and were even more excited to hear that a segment will air on national tv! (Check your local listings for channels and times.)

Although we won’t be giving away which bag will be given away on which day, we will let you know that several amazing handbags from Linea Pelle, CC Skye, Rebecca Minkoff, Furla, and Botkier (to name just a few) will be up for grabs. Make sure to visit us every day in order to enter. Specific details will be available tomorrow. But, in order to get you wondering, a piece of tomorrow’s bag is pictured here. Intrigued? Any guesses? I will say that this handbag belongs to one of our Savvy designers. The leather is soft, gorgeous and a perfect color – especially for this time of year. We hope you are as excited about this giveaway as we are.

We all look forward to Friday. And whether you are sitting there watching the time tick away slowly or rushing to get make a deadline, Fridays tend to put a smile on most people’s faces. This being the case, I wanted to announce a more than FABULOUS handbag giveaway we have partnered with Luxaholics on. Tuesday, December 9th will kick off our 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Each day we will feature a new designer handbag and you will have a chance to win it! Curious what handbags we have up for grabs? Stay tuned for more information and of course a few more teasers to whet your handbag appetite!

handbag vs purse

When we started this website, Purse Blog seemed like a perfectly fitting name. But over time I realized that I tend to use the word handbag more than purses. And then, of course, for short I use the term bag. Both terms mean the same thing, but I still find myself gravitating toward saying designer handbags rather than designer purses. Some people have told me that men use the word more often than women, not sure if this is true.

As I discuss our website and business with outsiders, the terms purses and handbags are thrown around. Most recently I was asked which term we prefer. And I immediately said handbags. Then realized that our site and forum are named Purse Blog and Purse Forum. Of course both terms can be used interchangeably, and denote the same meaning, but I prefer one over the other.

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