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An athletic shoe company? Making nice handbags? You’re not serious, right? Oh, you are? Ok…well I guess Puma is slightly more stylish than your average sneaker brand, and they are a favorite of hipsters everywhere. So maybe I can see that. They do make a lot of man bags that seem very popular, a woman bag couldn’t have been far behind. And now ShopBop carries them, which, you know, who knew? And I quite like the Puma Runway Shoulder Bag. I’d take the extra shoulder strap off (natch!), but what you’ve got is an affordable, on-trend (purple AND patent!), highly usable handbag. I like the light gold hardware (particularly the zip-around zipper) and the subtle branding, plus the color is divine and I wouldn’t be afraid to throw it on the floor of my car if I needed to (at the moment, it makes me absolutely cringe). And, I mean, I guess you could use it as a messenger bag, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Which I’m not. So. Buy through Shop Bop for $110.