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And so, it was over. In a storm of 90s prints, shadows and maybe-Nazi inspiration, the final three collections walked at Bryant Park and a winner of Project Runway‘s seventh season was chosen. Now that it has all come to pass, have we learned anything? Are we better for having watched it? Why did Jay have to be such a raging jerkface in the reunion, therefore canceling out any goodwill toward him which I might have built up over the season?

The finale answered one big question and launched a thousand more, most notably whether or not this show is still worth watching. My answer: sort of. But before we talk about that, we have to discuss how this whole thing went down and the collections (or lines? Princess Michael Kors says that’s an important distinction) that constituted the grand finale. (more…)

And then, there were three. Thursday’s penultimate episode of Project Runway whittled our pack of designers down to the three that will have a shot at winning the season. They’re not the only three that will show, of course – 10 people actually showed, so making a collection was not a special privilege for the four designers that made it this far. The bloom is off the rose on that one, so to speak.

Speaking of blooms that are no longer on their respective roses, I’m not pleased with how the elimination went this time, but we’ll get to that later, I suppose. First, we have to talk about all the adorable homes to which Tim Gunn went, and also how he managed to find himself on a trampoline in wingtips. If only the entire episode had been so adorable. (more…)

I don’t know about you, but it sort of took me by surprise that Thursday night’s episode was the last regular challenge for this season of Project Runway. I know that they said it at the end of the previous week’s show, but I still wasn’t expecting the season to be almost over when I fired up the DVR to watch on Friday morning.

But I guess it is! We were down to five designers and two were to be eliminated so that we would have three Bryant Park finalists, but that didn’t happen, because that never happens. Well, it happened last season, but I think we all know that last season was an anomaly and we should pretend that the whole thing never existed. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s review how our final challenge shook out. (more…)

Please excuse me while I try to stop myself from making some sort of crass Easter resurrection joke about Thursday’s episode of Project Runway, but I don’t know if my self-control is that good (let’s face it, it’s not), so I’ll skip straight to the point: ANTHONY IS BACK! I mentioned in the comments last week that his return would make my whole life, were it to happen, and when it did, I got up and took a victory lap around my living room, cheering and pumping my fists. Lifetime has officially won me over, through no actions of its own. Their association with Anthony’s return is enough.

Not only did we get a second chance to enjoy Anthony, who has turned out to be one of the greatest (and, judging by the reaction to his auf’ing, most beloved) characters in the history of the show, but we actually got a pretty good performance from several designers despite the inarguable lameness of the challenge, and a couple more surprises. (more…)

Dear readers, it’s with a heavy heart that I bring you this Project Runway recap. For those of you that haven’t seen the episode and don’t want the ending spoiled, stop reading now, because I’m about to spoil it way earlier than usual. That’s right, Anthony went home, and I don’t even know if life is worth living anymore. The sunshine is a little dimmer. The morning air? Slightly less crisp and full of promise. Thursday was a dark day for those that like their television shows to be entertaining.

There was a challenge of course. And a sponsorship. Some folks, they made some dresses. A couple made pants and jackets. Everyone made a pattern, something in which the judges apparently have zero taste. It was like the show was broadcasting straight from Bizarro World, where up was down, left was right, and Emilio’s pattern was cute instead of vomit-inducing. Bizarro World must be an ugly place indeed. Join me in mourning, after the jump. (more…)

How many challenges can we have in a single episode of Project Runway? If they cram more parameters and requirements in, does it make the results better, or does it just make a fantastical meltdown more likely? Will the judges care, as long as the clothes are fierce? Apparently the show’s producers set out to answer those very questions on Thursday’s episode, and the results were as mixed as the challenge was.

Not only did our designers have to work with partners, but they had to create two cohesive looks, base them on different neighborhoods in New York, and also endure a visit from Mister Clean professional shill L’Oreal makeup artist Collier Strong. Some of the designers did ok, others did much worse, and I’m betting that I wasn’t the only viewer that ended the episode feeling underwhelmed. (more…)

Last Thursday on the new episode of Project Runway, we got something that all fans of the show are well used to: a challenge where they pretend that the hair or the makeup totally matters so that they can have the Garnier or L’Oreal people on to shill for a minute or two, and then they completely ignore the hair or makeup unless it’s an epic fail.

Luckily for us (and unluckily for one of our designers), we actually got an epic hair fail. Did it matter? Well, we’ll talk about that.

Thankfully, the challenge also had another dimension – it had to be based on one of the four…elemental thingamabobs? What do you call them? I mean, I wasn’t really a science wiz in school, but I’m fairly sure that “fire” isn’t on the Periodic Table, so it’s not an element…whatever, they all had to pick cards from the magic Deck o’ Choices and design an outfit based on Earth, Wind and Fire…err, no, it was earth, air, fire or water. There. Challenge explained. (more…)

This week, dear readers, Project Runway had one of those oh-so-sublime “alternative materials” challenges. Our top ten (really, they were celebrating that? Top ten is not even making it halfway…) designers were sent to a hardware store by Princess Michael Kors and told to gather enough random objects to somehow make clothing, but then when judging came around, the judges couldn’t decide if they really wanted the designers to turn something hard into something soft or not. Some designers got chastised for it, others were applauded.

Huge, annoying judging inconsistencies aside (but not too far aside – we’ll get to them later), it was nice to see a non-fabric challenge, since those appear to be a fairly accurate bellwether of who will survive and who will eventually be auf’d. In the world of Project Runway, if you can’t make a dress out of sheet metal, you shan’t be long for this world. Likewise, it’s the Tin Man catastrophes that we all enjoy the most, and it’s not as fun when the designers are merely screwing up regular fabric. This episode was great because it separated the real contenders from the straight guys, and it was about time that that happened. (more…)

Why in the world did it take so long for Project Runway to come up with the challenge that we had this week? Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of forcing the designers to create a cover look before? They’ve always has a partnership with one magazine or another, right?

I can understand why maybe Elle wouldn’t want to promise a cover spot to a reality show contestant, because Elle is a magazine with a fashion reputation and all. Marie Claire, of course, still has quite a reputation, but not so much as a strictly serious fashion publication. There’s less at stake for them in putting an unknown on the cover, and I guess that’s exactly how this dear little episode came to be. The request was practical, it still allowed for individuality, and it promised a big reward – this would be great, right? Well, not so much, but let’s talk about it anyway. (more…)

Through the miracles of modern medicine and heavy-duty antibiotics, I have thrown off the chains of the worst bout of strep throat known to mankind (or at least to Amandakind) to come and recap the latest episode of Project Runway (sorry, Real Housewives fans – I was face-down in a bottle of Nyquil while I was supposed to be recapping that, but it will be back next week, swears).

This week was another mash-up of classic ProjRun challenge archetypes, this time with “real women as models” on a collision course toward “unacceptable and inappropriate product placement.” We’ve seen challenges in the past where a designer made a “real woman model” cry and where the designers had to incorporate a paid sponsor via car-part dresses, so the bar has been set high for a challenge of either type, let alone one that combined elements of both. Did it live up to the car-crash possibilities? Eh, not quite, but there were a few fantastically ugly dresses. (more…)

This season of Project Runway feels kind of like the show used to feel before it left Bravo, doesn’t it? It’s a nice feeling – warm, familiar, safe, fabulous. We’ve had three consecutive episodes with both Princess Michael Kors AND Nina Garcia in simultaneous attendance, our designers actually have sewing skills and personalities, and Tim Gunn doesn’t look utterly terrified anymore because the producers have returned him to his natural habitat of New York City.

Another thing that felt oh-so-right about Thursday night’s show was the challenge. Not only was it the customary partner fiasco that we always get in the first few episodes, but it also satisfied the expensive dress/look for less trope that gained favor in the show’s last few season on that OTHER network. Of course, as is customary when creative people are required to work with each other, tempers flared and people got thrown under the proverbial bus. I would accept nothing less. (more…)

I’m ready to make a proclamation. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’ve had enough time to come to the correct conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, PurseBloggers worldwide, Project Runway Season 7 has already, in the span of two episodes, proven itself to be head and shoulders above the maddeningly somnolent dreck that we (un)affectionately referred to as Season 6.

In this week’s episode, we had a challenge that used non-traditional fabrics combined with a challenge where the models were the clients, both of which are almost always a problem even when NOT combined into a single feat of reality television. In the face of odds that would have been insurmountable for last season’s cast, not only did this set of designers, only a week into their lady-vitamin-sponsored Lifetime adventure, not break, but they didn’t even bend! The worst of the designers still produced wearable dresses. Well, Ping didn’t, but she also didn’t go home, either. Make of that what you will. (more…)

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