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I never really went out of my way for messenger bags. They just never did anything special for me. Then, Anna started working with us and began picking out and writing about some fabulous messenger bags. As I read about these bags, I couldn’t help but see a shift in my interest. While I still don’t go completely out of my way, I definitely stop and do a double take from time to time. This Tano Muse Enthused Messenger Bag is one of those messenger bags that grabbed my attention and made me think about it a bit more. (more…)

So, my baby brother is going to college this year. Yes, I realize that it is many months away, but I can’t help but think about how grown up he is. Now, when I think about him going to college, I start to think back to my college days and when it comes to that I think about the way I schlepped my books back and forth. With all of these things swirling in my head I was pretty happy to come across this messenger-ish bag. (more…)

In an industry dominated by animal skins, leather and exotic, it’s refreshing to see designers dedicated to an animal-friendly ethic. One of these brands is Big Buddha, a vegan brand based in California and producing some really, really cute handbags at prices that are quite low.

Due to my obsession with travel bags, I honed in on the simple, textured Big Buddha Tiny Dancer Satchel. It’s vegan leather, which alone is very interesting- I’d like to see the bag in person to feel what the leather is like. It seems quite soft in the stock photos. No matter the feel, this satchel is quite perfect for travel. (more…)

First and foremost, when it comes to Foley + Corinna handbags, I am used to seeing totes, not clutches. But today, I saw this Foley + Corinna Fold Over Clutch and I couldn’t help but want to investigate a bit further. The first thing I thought was that I wished that I saw this clutch before New Year’s because this could have been a contender. (more…)

Be still my beating heart. Ladies and gentleman, I’ve found a winner. A great, fashionable bag at a reasonable price! I wrote about the VBH Python Clutch with Crystal Detail yesterday on Purse Blog. One of the areas I focused on was the exquisite exotic skin; and it is true I do. But sometimes I find myself in an exotic-esque bag at without the exotic price. Thankfully, I came across the Cynthia Vincent Croco Berkeley Tote today and I am a very, very happy girl. (more…)

Sigh. Furla, why, oh why did you add that extra strap to this otherwise lovely bag? Honestly, there is no reason to attempt to make this bag a shoulder bag. It would look oh so much better as the nice shopper it was meant to be. The Furla Elisabeth Medium Shopper is one of those bags that was so close to hitting it out of the park until someone went and added a strap that really has no business being there. (more…)

There’s nothing I love more than a good sale. In all my years of handbag adoration, I’ve only ever paid full price for a handbag once, and it was one that I had lusted after for a year and thought was gone forever. When I happened to find it, I couldn’t help but plunk down the MSRP, and I never regretted it.

But when you’re not looking for any bag in particular, just something to spruce up your wardrobe and complete a few outfits, sale prices are a godsend. If you find your self in that situation currently, take a look at this fabulous price on the beautiful Treesje Sebastian Bag. (more…)

Piperlime is a great site for savvy price worthy handbags. There is so much to choose from and you are bound to find something that won’t make your wallet and/or bank account cry.

At the same time, the site also offers picks from superstar stylist Rachel Zoe. I love checking out her picks for handbags and beyond. However, I am not sure I am with her on this pick, are you? (more…)

I love options and I especially love options when it comes to handbags. This is nothing new.

Of course there are some styles of handbags that don’t leave much room for options, but then there are others where there is just so much that can be done. Case in point, this Lucky Brand Abbey Road handbag. (more…)

We don’t talk that much about Kale brand bags on this site, but we probably should pay a little closer attention to them. They make modern, chic bags with clean lines and great colors – who doesn’t love that? I know that I do, considering my penchant for wearing dark clothes and brightly colored bags as somewhat of a de facto uniform in my daily life. And I think anyone that takes one look at the Kale Silla Grab Bag can guess what attracted me to it originally – the vibrant, nuanced shade of teal.

Kale Silla Grab Bag

Sometimes I’m a bit wary of marbled leather since it usually means the leather is also shiny and a bit stiff, but it looks like the designers managed to give this bag a nice variation in color while keeping the bag reasonable supple and slouchy. I’d have to see the bag unstuffed to truly judge the shape and structure, but I suspect that it has a good bit more sag to it than this picture indicates, which is a great thing. The leather reminds me a bit of Balenciaga, and if that comparison is apt, then it’ll only get better with age. If you’re interested in the Bal look but don’t have the $1000+ to spend on a bag, this is a great alternative at a more reasonable price. Buy through Piperlime for $635.

Big Buddah TribecaI have an orange Botkier bag that I absolutely adore. I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but until I got that bag, I was never much of an orange kind of girl. For whatever reason I just didn’t think I could pull it off. Well, now that I know I can, I will definitely be sporting orange more often. So, when I came across the Big Buddah Tribeca I was instantly reminded on my Botkier bag and complete love for orange.

It’s not just the color that I love about this bag, there are several other aspects that score major points in my book. This suede shoulder bag boasts double handles and satin lining. I think the contrast of textures is absolutely genius. Suede on the outside and synthetic satin on the inside – delightful. There are plenty of pockets which will help compartmentalize this large bag. I already have a large orange handbag, but since this one comes in green, I might have to snag that one! Buy through Piperlime for only $90!

French Connection Daisy Rays Handle

There is just something about this bag that caught my eye. Is there anything extra special about the French Connection Daisy Rays Handle Bag? No, not really. But there is an look to the bag that makes me want to look a bit more. I think this bag would be perfect for all sorts of situations: grocery store, farmers market, park, beach, or even an early happy hour. Certainly the bag does not scream super high fashion but it does exude an element of fashionably functional. The dark embroidered bag is attached to wooden handles and the dark colors work extremely well together. More than anything else, I think that I love the idea of carrying a no nonsense bag while still feeling fashionable. This bag accomplishes that idea. Buy through Piperlime for $98.