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Chalk this up as another bag that needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. The Holiday 2011 sueded metallic finishes that Balenciaga has been parading around of late piqued my interest, but only the dark silver (Balenciaga calls it black, but whatever, it’s dark silver), because that just sort of how I roll. I was a little nervous because the Balenciaga 10th anniversary sueded bags weren’t my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, but upon closer inspection, the brand has definitely learned from that misstep.

Dark silver is perhaps the most versatile neutral on the face of the planet, and the variation and depth in the color that graces the Balenciaga Papier A3 Tote is unparalleled. I found myself touching the bag over and over, not only because it was soft but also because I halfway expected the finish to come off on my hands. It didn’t, of course, but the delicate, gritty-glittery look has a sense of non-permanence to it that I found irresistible. (more…)

I’m always a bit reticent to use superlatives when I talk about bags. Not only does arbitrarily proclaiming things to be the “best” or “worst” or “weirdest” seem a bit disingenuous and histrionic, but it’s also rarely true. There are thousands upon thousands of handbags out there in the world, and it’s pretty much impossible to find any particular one that beats every last one of them in any specific way. Yet, my first reaction when I saw the Lauren Merkin Diana Metallic Bubble Clutch was, “Wow, this is the best clutch I’ve seen in a long time, particularly for the price.”

Lauren Merkin Diana Metallic Bubble Clutch

And despite the use of the superlative, I stand behind that initial reaction. The clutch really is beautiful; the texture of the leather combined with the dark gunmetal color sort of reminds me of asphalt shining in the sun after a hard rain (and I mean that in the absolute best way possible). It’s not overly bling-y or glam, but it has a subtle elegance to it while maintaining a bitch of the edge, probably because of the shade of silver used. Pewter or gunmetal are my favorite color to wear in a clutch since they’re seasonless and go with virtually everything, and this unique texture and low price point just can’t be beat. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $195.

Burberry Metallic Leather HoboAs we wait for Fall 2009 bag collection to slowly (really slowly) hit stores, some collections are bound to come out earlier than others. In the past few days, a number of new Burberry bags have been popping up around the Internet, so if you see a lot of them in the near future, that’s why.

One of my favorites of the new crop is the Burberry Metallic Leather Hobo. It’s well-documented that dark silver or pewter is my favorite of all the metallics and probably my favorite neutral, and this is a great example. It has a great shimmer without being too shiny and over-the-top like lighter silvers can tend to be, and it would work well in any kind of weather. Also, I’m usually very anti-logo, but I think the way that Burberry subtly embossed their signature plaid into the soft leather is really creative – it gives the bag a bit of branding and visual interest all wrapped in one. If you’re looking for a slightly glam neutral for fall, I’d go ahead and pick this one up. Buy through Nordstrom for $1795.

Burberry Metallic Leather HoboIn general, I really don’t like so-called “neutral bags.” The leather has to be truly special, the design truly innovative and beautiful for me to look at one twice, and if it’s not, I bore really easily. My aversion is a result of the belief that there are so many bags out there made in so many beautiful colors, why would anyone choose one in a color that is supposed to, by definition, blend in and hide?

But when I do like a neutral, that neutral is almost always some version of pewter or gunmetal, and the Burberry Metallic Leather Hobo is a great example of that color. It’s not a bright silver at all – it has a lot of grey in it, but enough shine and innate glimmer to make it decidedly glam and metallic. I can see it going with almost anything, but I can’t imagine it blending in and hiding at all, as the “neutral” moniker would indicate. So if you’re going to do something neutral, please do something with at least a LITTLE BIT of a kick. Buy through Nordstrom for $1795.

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