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Alright, it is official, I am on a stocking stuffer kick right now. Now, top that off with the Coach bag Anna just covered and I think my eye is fixated on small, sort of flashy handbags and accessories. So, with these two things in mind you might be able to see why I had to stop and take note when I came across the Perlina Snake Embossed Mini Bag. Obviously, the key word with this handbag is mini. In fact, I almost thought it was a wristlet when I first saw it. (more…)

Perlina Snake Embossed Pleated SatchelI don’t care what anyone says, or what the thermometer and the weatherman tell me, or what it actually feels like when I step outside – it’s summer, ok??? Yes, summer. According to me. And you will not convince me otherwise (because why would you be able to convince me when objective reality cannot?). So until further notice, I will be sitting here at my desk/island, wearing a linen sun dress and a straw hat, sipping pina coladas and enjoying my unemployment (or “post-employment,” as I have taken to calling it). And the perfect accessory for sitting on my beach towel/office chair? The Perlina Snake Embossed Pleated Satchel. In fun, bright purple or yellow, this handbag is big enough to fit a beach book and some sunscreen and inexpensive enough to take along when you lay out to tan. Throw in your wallet and keys, and it’s fashionable enough to go out with you in the evening. Because it’s warm where you are, right? Because it’s warm here. And you can’t tell me it’s not. I don’t believe you. Buy through Nordstrom for $168.