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Alexander McQueen Camouflage Python Laptop Case

I have a very hard time paying more for a gadget case than for the gadget itself. As luxury customers, we deal with crazy prices all the time, but juxtaposing the price of an inanimate …

Black and White Check Trend

Black and white bags (and indeed, entirely black and white ensembles) have been a certifiably huge trend for a little while now, but lately, something even more specific has emerged: black and white check bags, …

Kate Spade Crown Point Sasha Shoulder Bag, $495 via Nordstrom

Maybe it’s always been this way and I just don’t remember it, or maybe the advent of leopard print as a trend has changed prices a bit, but calf hair is expensive. Monetarily, it’s positioned as a semi-exotic; it costs more than regular leather but a bit less than a brand would charge for it’s lowest-tier exotic leather. In layman’s terms, that’s means it’s kind of spendy.

Some contemporary brands use the material, of course, but many of them choose to go with printed suede when it comes to leopard because it provides texture without jacking up their materials costs. And that’s why I love the Kate Spade Crown Point Sasha Shoulder Bag; it uses calf hair in a very of-the-moment way without passing the extra cost along to the company’s customers. (more…)

It wasn’t so many years ago that I was schlepping a 15-inch MacBook Pro around a far-too-large college campus, but it seems like tech options for stylish students have exploded since my graduation in 2008. Honestly, I’m a little jealous – my black neoprene laptop sleeve is positively awful compared to all of the options college kids have now.

Now that high-end brands are hopping on the bandwagon at somewhat reasonable price points (my boring black sleeve cost about $60 with no fancy design whatsoever), we have a whole new category of bag to discuss: the luxe laptop case. Here are four of our favorites – larger pictures and price information are after the jump. (more…)