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Orla Kiely Crosshatch Stem Shoulder BagSo apparently Orla Kiely already has herself quite a following. I’ve seen her patterned bags at a variety of places, including Nordstrom and Anthropologie. I’m not much for patterned bags OR non-leather bags, so I’ve been looking past them for quite a while now, until recently.

When I realized that Kiely had designed a small line of storage accessories for Target, I figured I needed to sit up and take notice. I’ve seen her bags in more and more places, and when an independent designer spreads into common culture like that, there’s usually a reason to pay attention. I can’t quite figure out what it is with these bags, though. Take the Orla Kiely Crosshatch Stem Shoulder Bag, for instance. It’s a cute tote, sure. The colors are unoffensive and the pattern is sorta cute, if a bit twee. But the bags are coated canvas, and patterned in a way that means they couldn’t possible be easy to coordinate with many outfits, so why have they become so popular? Any enthusiasts out there, please enlighten me in the comments. Buy through Nordstrom for $178.