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Nancy Gonzalez Medium Crocodile Hobo

Somehow the massive Hurricane Ike trekked his way up to Ohio and put out power and took down trees right in time for Vlad and my’s arrival. Kid you not. So while Texas felt the wrath of Ike, so did Ohio. Now that we have internet back up and I can be in touch with the outside world, I have to tell you that the weather here right now is beyond amazing!!! High 60’s low 70’s during the day and high 50’s at night. Crystal blue skies, clean fresh air, ahh just amazing. Soon the leaves will turn and it will be a wonderland here. And while not everyone in Ohio is incredibly chic (it’s true, but they are all overly nice!), I have seen quite a few people pulling out their greys, purples, and greens waiting for fall.

A must have color for Fall is a rich hue of green, an emerald shade. And I have a new stunning option for you to choose from, the kind of stunning that is hard to pass up. The Nancy Gonzalez Medium Crocodile Hobo has a pleated pocket surprise on an otherwise well-know and much loved shape. But it is the color and skin that has my total attention. Nancy Gonzalez continues to tantalize our senses, with sight and touch, in this beautiful color and material. There is not much else to say, other than this bag had me in love at first sight. It reigns in a feeling of Fall which is in the air right now in Ohio. There is a front and back magnetic pocket, an inside zip and cell phone pocket, and chamoise lining. Buy through Saks for $4,100.

nancy gonzalez crocodile hobo
Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Hobo

Household names like Prada, Gucci, Hermes, and Marc Jacobs resonate as designer handbag brands, but the exotic market of handbag designers is well-known and the pontiff is Nancy Gonzalez. Her name is known by the handbag world. Her exotic handbags speak for themselves. And while she loves many exotics, her forte is crocodile in a wide array of eye-catching colors and silhouettes. I have always loved crocodile skins but tend to want them in smaller pieces. I am just going to be honest, it is because that is more affordable (relatively speaking). A large exotic skin bag is not always fitting in my handbag budget, so I tend to stick with small exotics and large leathers. But after seeing the price of the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Hobo, it seems that I can have the best of both worlds, a spacious hobo designed with crocodile that is also on the affordable side. This spacious bag, 20″W X 11″H X 7″D, features pleated and ruched detailing on the outside. The inside features a zip and cell phone pocket along with suede lining. I know Nancy Gonzalez bags, I know I love them. What I also know is that the price point on this bag is right. While many simple leather bags from the household designer names are now starting around $2,000, this crocodile hobo comes in at $3,150. The price is at my exotic sweet-spot, so I have no qualms with it. Buy through Saks.

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