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So we’ve written about the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo like 80 bajillion times. I know. If you’re sick of hearing about the Nikki, skip this. I won’t be offended. The thing is, though, unlike most of the population, my favorite color is red (the vast majority of society prefers blue, according to my freshman psych professor a few years back). Great red handbags are super rare, since its color properties make it exceptionally hard to turn ANYTHING vividly red (anyone that has ever tried to paint a wall red, like I have, knows this very well. It takes like 4 coats of paint to get a solid, non-splotchy color. Even if you use nice paint. Which I didn’t. But I digress). The same thing applies to dying leather, apparently – most of the red bags you see are very muted, a bit brownish, and not particularly attractive. What Rebecca Minkoff has managed to do, however, is make a bag out of REAL LEATHER (it’s much easier to make bright red pleather) that is perfectly and truly red. And it’s also patent, but not so ridiculously patent that the combination of the color and the material become costume-y. Miss Minkoff has struck a perfect cord for me, and I’m seriously lusting after one of these red beauties. Buy through Shop Bop for $595.