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At this point, I really would have guessed that fashion had seen every version of the black leather mini crossbody that anyone could think to make. We’ve seen it in lots of shapes, textures and with lots of different details – studs, fringe, grommets, chain, everything. Critical mass seemed close, if not already here.

Well, the Jenny Bird Grommet Pouchette managed to do something I’d never seen in this type of bag before – turn it on its corner. Instead of having the normal strap with two points of attachment (one on each side), the bag is rotated 45 degrees and both ends of the crossbody strap are attached to the top corner. But wait, where’s the zipper? (more…)

When I think woven leather, I think Bottega Veneta, and I doubt that I’m alone in that in that association. It’s hard to a bag like the Linea Pelle Perry Woven Mini Crossbdoy without making consumers think you’ve taken another brand’s idea, but I think that the designers behind Linea Pelle have managed to do it.

They’re not exactly roaming in uncharted territory with this bag, but I think that the overall feel (and specifically, the woven leather) is chunky and rustic enough to keep most of the Bottega comparisons at bay. And even if it isn’t, the price is low enough that most people probably won’t care. (more…)

I’m generally not much of a fan of Cleobella’s bags – they’re very haute-boho with sometimes not enough emphasis on the ‘haute,’ and that’s not my style. In the face of the fannypack abomination that we recently witnessed, however, I’ve come up with something of a fresh perspective on the brand and on the Cleobella Cantina Minibag in particular.

The fact that this bag is virtually the same price and color as the offensive Zambos + Siega fannypack from earlier this week makes it nearly impossible not to compare them, and this bag is the clear winner. It’s part of a few trends that actually manage not to dredge up the worst of 80s style, and for that, I give it a hearty thumbs up. (more…)

Although my personal style is very modern, I have an almost unconditional love for bags that evoke a very particular period of time gone by. Picking the right details to make a new bag look convincingly old isn’t easy, and sometimes that duty is best left in the hands of a company that’s been doing it since the design was popular the first time around.

The J.W. Hulme Company has been making bags by hand in Minnesota since 1905, but it’s just recently that the fashion crowd has started to notice their unapologetically classic styles, like the JW Hulme Company Legacy Mini Bag. This bag would have looked just as fabulous as a utilitarian object at the turn of the last century as it does today on the arm of an urban woman. (more…)

When I recently noticed that several new Betsey Johnson clutches had been added to the inventory on Nordstrom.com, I couldn’t have been more pleased. I’ve always been a big fan of how Betsey’s glitzy, girly, over-the-top aesthetic translates to fun, inexpensive bags that any young girl with an outsized sense of style would be happy to carry for a night out, and to see her embrace that market just makes so much sense.

Something like the Betsey Johnson Betsey Soiree Crossbody Clutch may be utterly ridiculous in a large bag, but in a small bag, it manages to be utterly ridiculous in a good way. Since that balance seems to be exactly the one that Betsey wants to strike, I hope that we see more clutches like this in the future. (more…)

To my knowledge, I have only once previously written about a bag made of cork, and I sort of brushed off the material as gimmicky and without longevity. Well, having now seen a cork bag in person, I think I’ve got to take back my original opinion on the material. I’m ok with being wrong, as long as that means that somewhere out there, a bag is surprisingly fabulous.

The cork bag that I had the pleasuring of playing with in real life was the Elie Tahari Cynthia Handbag, and I couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted. Not only did the cork have a soft, velvety texture to it, but the bag was light as a feather. (more…)

I don’t know what’s been going on elsewhere in the country, but it’s been kind of a wet spring in my neck of the woods. And it always seems to rain on weekends, precisely when I want to go somewhere fabulous or do something exciting or wear something new, completely foiling my plans. Obviously, I’m bitter.

But if there’s anything that could make me happy again, it would be a rain-appropriate bag that’s still sunny enough to make me forget about bad weather. Perhaps something like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Q Moon Sling Small Crossbody is just what the doctor ordered? (more…)


Some of you know that I’ve been searching high and low for the right minibag for what seems like months now, and it always seems like there’s something wrong with all the ones that I find – they’re too little or too big, they cost too much or way too much, they’re too traditional or too bohemian. I review handbags for a living, so I’m good at finding fault and not quite as good at finding something that I totally love, without reservation.

Well, I found it: I’m head over heels for the Olivia Harris Baby Ball Bag, and I very much intend to order one. (more…)

It wasn’t all that long ago that we told you about the Botkier Bowie Satchel. Shortly thereafter, my very own Bowie Satchel arrived in the mail, much to be unending glee and happiness. The bag is pretty great – it may be a functional, neutral satchel, but the sleek, architectural ribbing across the front gives it a look unlike anything else on the market. In a contemporary bag market that’s largely derivative, the Bowie bags are something very rare: original.

Which is why I couldn’t help but also write about the Botkier Bowie Crossbody Camera Bag. We all know that small crossbodies are all the rage right now, but the sleek details and retro feel of this particular option keep it a step ahead of the rest of the pack. And isn’t that exactly where you want to be? (more…)

Ok, so “giant hip” is perhaps not the most positive set of words for most women, but stick with me here – this bag is worth it. I’ve been conducting a search for my perfect mini crossbody bag at a perfect price over on PurseBlog Savvy, and I think I know why I’ve not been able to find one that makes me want to settle down and have a family with it – my perfect minibag can’t be found at a perfect price.

I love the Balenciaga Giant Hip Crossbody Bag and none of you can stop me. It’s small, it’s brightly colored and I want to take it everywhere I go. It will only hold my keys, cards and Blackberry, but I guess I don’t really need anything other than that, do I? I mean, my sunglasses live on my head, not in my purse. I’m good to go. (more…)

My search for the perfect minibag – it continues. At this point, it might continue forever. My desire for a tiny bag is turning into a struggle of Sisyphean proportions – I keep finding bags I think I really like, and then when I find some sort of flaw, they go tumbling back down the proverbial hill and I have to march back to the bottom and start anew.

At the moment, I’m sitting at the top of the mountain with the Kate Spade Villa Bridget Minibag. It’s small and light colored, plus the hardware is great. The only thing that’s holding me back is the chain strap – are those really a good idea during warm weather? (more…)

The MICHAEL Michael Kors Charlton Crossbody Bag has a message for all of you, and it goes something like this: “LOOK AT MAH BUCKLLLLLE.” Ok, so, technically it’s not a buckle, it’s a pushlock, but since handbags aren’t sentient beings, I hope you’ll forgive it for using the wrong word.

Despite (and maybe because of?) the outsized pushlock, this little bag goes quite a long way – and for a price well south of $200, this is another great option for those who have yet to buy into the minibag trend. (more…)

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