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I’ve always loved Balenciaga‘s motorcycle bags for men, but I always hear the same criticism of them from dudes, gay or straight, who are concerned about looking masculine – they look too much like the women’s bags to be distinctly male. And really, that’s fair – there have been times when I’ve questioned whether a particular shape belonged to the men’s or women’s collection, and with Balenciaga’s signature grommets, buckles and zippers on everything, it’s genuinely hard to tell what’s what.

It looks as though Balenciaga has heard those concerns loud and clear, at least if the Balenciaga Wide Leather Messenger is any indication. That’s why it’s the subject of this week’s Man Bag Monday – this bag keeps the Balencaiga feel but adds a healthy dose of masculinity for regular dudes who want a nice bag. (Or for fashionable ladies who want to treat their regular dude to something special.) (more…)

I spent a few hours yesterday looking at lots of new spring handbags, and if there’s one thing I noticed, it’s that there are a lot of elongated black messenger/hobo hybrids out there. Possibly too many – Barneys COOP was full of them, as were Intermix and the contemporary bag section at Saks.

It’s a smart handbag for any girl to have in her closet right now since it sits firmly at the intersection of fashion and function, but I’m not sure if it’d be the bag I’d make if you want people to notice your neophyte handbag line. The people behind the M Missoni Long Messenger Bag probably need to take a lesson from Diane Von Furstenberg when it comes to gaining attention for an established brand that doesn’t specialize in accessories. (more…)

Well, well, well, now look at this metallic bag. I am not usually a huge fan of small messenger bags since well, I’m not really a huge fan of messenger bags in general. More than that, I worry that a mini messenger like this might look absolutely ridiculous on me. However, I am a firm believer in exceptions to rules and this is a bag I might have to bend the rules for. (more…)

Sometimes, and Idea is just too complicated to be rendered in real life. There are too many elements, too many things happening at once, and too much opportunity for discord to bring every idea to fruition.

However, it appears that that didn’t stop the folks at Jerome Dreyfuss when they designed the Jerome Dreyfuss Luciene Suede Fringe Bag. Suede, leopard print, detachable fringe, zip-off pockets, magenta for contrast? It’s all here! (more…)

Donna Karan Chaos Leather Messenger Bag

I kind of love this bag, and I fear I may be the only one.

The Donna Karan Chaos Leather Messenger Bag is not something I’d normally embrace. First, I hardly ever like any of the bags from Karan’s eponymous line. Second, I usually hate multicolored bags. Third, this bag really shouldn’t work. But for some reason, it kind of does. (more…)

Boo, I’m bored. I’ve sat looking at this handbag intermittently all day, and the more I look at it, the more depressed it makes me. It’s making the walls close in on me.

I started out liking the Lauren Merkin Bailey Saddle Bag, but it has somehow managed to take me prisoner with it’s overwhelming blah-ness. Ms. Merkin makes a lot of great, functional bags, but I think this one is a miss. (more…)

Another day, another studded bag. If you’re sick of this trend, wait a month – you’ll be more sick of it. I promise. But as it stands now, I still love it, and I’m still happy to write about it. Studs have not jumped the shark just yet.

And despite my lack of love for shiny gold hardware, and in particular shiny gold studs, I can’t help but enjoy the Be & D Garbo Convertible Tote. Even though it’s over the top and a bit gaudy, the bag just works. (more…)

Some bags look great in photos and terrible in person, some look the same in both, and some look blah in photos and amazing in person. Even though the Katherine Kwei Joyce Carryall looks pretty good, if a tad sloppy, in its photos, I think it would look beyond amazing in person.

Obviously, two things jump out at first: the color and the knotting. Let’s talk about the knotting first, shall we?

In Athens, Georgia, the Freshman Apocalypse is nigh. We’re the home of the University of Georgia, my alma mater and a school of over 35,000 students, and in two short days, that will include 5,000 brand new freshman. For a town this size, the influx of the new students (in addition to the other returning students that had left for the summer) means we’re about the see the sort of chaos and havoc that’s only novel when you’re one of the people that is helping to create it. Target and Wal-Mart will be completely sold out of…everything, none of the thousands of brand new residents know where anything is or how to drive, and they’re all going to be really excited to be out in public without their parents. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s because I have run off into the woods, mumbling deliriously, in order to escape them.

APC Black Leather Satchel

But what this time of year means for most normal humans is that it’s time to start gathering together back-to-school wardrobes, either for themselves or for their kids. And the topic of chic and functional school bags is always a topic of discussion on our Forum, and something that I’ll talk more about later this week, but for right now, I’d just like to show a little love to the A.P.C. Black Leather Satchel. This crossbody bag appeals to my inner grad student – it’s made of thick, matte leather that, when combined with the traditional shape and double buckle closures, has “vintage book satchel” written all over it. The proportions are a bit shrunken to look more appropriate on a female body, but it still looks easily large enough to carry the laptop, bottle of water and cosmetics pouch that normally populated my school bags (journalism school? Rather light on textbook usage). Buy through Net-a-Porter for $420.

Have any of you guys checked out Madewell? They only have 18 locations, all in the US, but they seem intent on expanding their brand (and, one would hope, opening an online store sometime soon) and they’ve got some interesting things to offer. I’ve visited their Atlanta location a handful of times and the clothes are basic, wearable, and reasonably priced (and somewhat less expensive than parent company J.Crew‘s). What surprised me most, though, was how nice some of their leather goods looked – they carry boots, bags, and leather jackets, all made out of supple materials with a slightly weathered, vintage look.

Madewell Mini Messenger Bag

And although they don’t have their own online store up and running yet, they’re offering a few of their products through our old friends at ShopBop. Of the things that they have so far, my favorite is the Madewell Mini Messenger Bag. We all know that I have a great affection for grey, and this little bag doesn’t skimp on the leather quality because of its size. It fits perfectly in to the tiny bag/long strap crossbody trend without breaking the bank, and it will sit perfectly on top of the bulky coats and sweaters of fall and winter. Plus, you can’t beat the price with a stick. Buy through ShopBop for $128.

I really like where the Stephanie Verdino Mini Leather Messenger Bag is going, but I’m not sure that it ever gets there. It’s definitely on-trend; mini messenger bags and crossbodies of all kinds are the new, cool thing to have, and would probably work particularly well over the bulky sweaters and coats of winter. At the same time, winter bags can get so unreasonably boring when they’re in a dark color palette, so the silver might be a nice pop of color.

Stephanie Verdino Mini Leather Messenger Bag

I’m not entirely convinced, though. I don’t generally find myself attracted to light silver bags, and I think this one might have been better if the silver was more of a pewter and the leather looked a little softer. Light silver tends to make leather, no matter how nice it is, look stiff if it’s used in a bag with structure. Which is exactly what has happened here – without a bit of softness, this bag isn’t looking as high-end as it should. For French-made bag at such a reasonable price point, though, it may be best to overlook a few flaws. Buy through Saks for $275.

No…just…no. I refuse. I do not believe that a large company would have made this bag with the intention of marketing it to grown women or people that can afford a handbag that costs more than $100. It just…it makes no sense. It makes my face hurt. It makes my hair hurt. And it makes me wonder who, other than overindulged 12-year-olds, they thought they were going to sell the Juicy Couture Quilted Crossbody Bag to.

Juicy Couture Quilted Crossbody Bag

The shape isn’t great, but in the black version, it isn’t quite as magnificently terrible. The same with the ruffle – it’s still oddly Lolita-esque, but in a dark color, you don’t notice it as much. When the bag is baby pink, though, as you see it here…it charts areas of awfulness heretofore undiscovered by any bag we’ve previously covered. It looks like a bag made for toddlers playing house, but its price is in the 3 digits and it’s apparently meant to be carried unironically and by adults. For once, I’m actually hopeful that it’s only spoiled kids who are carrying this – they’re the only ones that ever should. Buy through Nordstrom for $128.