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Matt & Nat Takumi Handheld Horizontal SatchelA few months back I was introduced to Matt & Nat handbags. Pretty much ever since then, I’ve been a fan. You know, one of those fans who is excited to see what is going to be put out there next, while at the same time a little skeptical since I don’t know the brand that well. The Matt & Nat Takumi Handheld Horizontal Satchel continues to make me interested in Matt & Nat – in a good way. The magenta rice paper hugs the shape of this handbag and continues to draw the eye. One of the things I love about this handbag, and in fact most Matt & Nat bags is the fact that they are different. The look of the bag isn’t one you see everyday and if anyone asks, you are able to tell them about the eco-friendly bag you are toting around. I am a fan of the short rolled handles which make it an easy bag to pick up and take on the go. Buy through Nordstrom for $245.