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Being as it is such a nice, sunny day in NYC, my thoughts turned towards summery things, like swirly ice cream cones, lazy beach days, and of course, the ubiquitous straw tote. This gorgeous Anya Hindmarch Straw Tote would complete any summer look. Pick your fantasy: gallivanting on the white beaches of a private island or sipping cocktails on a megayacht, this bag fits right in. Hindmarch has become known for her famously detailed bags, most recognized for her “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” canvas tote, and this bag is no different. But would you really pay close to $700 for something you’ll plunk in the sand day after day, for a common beach bag?

Anya Hindmarch Halen Straw Tote with Tumbled Patent

Well, this is no common beach bag. The attention to detail is what makes the price; the straw is impeccably woven (no fraying here!), and the woven patent leather meshes perfectly with the straw. But still, almost $700! Perhaps this bag is just one for those jetting off to private islands, provided that they don’t plunk this creation in the sand, no matter how white. Buy through Shopbop for $645.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Sequined Shopper is not rocket science. It’s just a cotton tote bag covered in small, black sequins. And honestly, I think that’s why I love it. It’s an unabashed, unapologetic injection of glam-n-girly attitude into any outfit, and because of the size and simple shape, you can wear it with a casual outfit for a bit (or, maybe, more than a bit) of a pop. Because the sequins are very small, it’s more subtle than those terrible, cheap, shiny paillete bags that were so popular with teenagers around here a few years back, and limiting the color choices to black is wise since it keeps the purse just this side of gaudy. And maybe it says something about my taste level, but I love things that are ALMOST gaudy, but not. I may regret it later, but right now, I totally want one of these. Buy through Saks for $298.