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J. Crew Silk Satin Fiore Clutch

Pretty! This bag is totally in the “pretty handbag” category. While I don’t always like too many bells and whistles or frills and flowers on my handbags, I think J. Crew pulled off this look rather well. The J. Crew Silk Satin Fiore Clutch is made of Manetero silk satin. Mantero has been producing silk for many of Europe’s extremely fashionable (and picky) couture houses. So, no offense to J. Crew, but I was kind of surprised that they were able to score some of this gorgeous silk – but hey – good for them and lucky us! A fabulous mini-bouquet of flowers adorns this clutch along the front. I can see myself grabbing this clutch while wearing a fun and flirty summer dress or a pair of jeans and a cute yet simple tank top. All in all, a great pick at a fabulous price! Buy through J. Crew for $125.