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I’ve talked about my search for the perfect travel wallet (read my view of the Kate Spade Union Square Travel Wallet), and this time I think I’ve found it. This Maloles Travel Pouchette is perfect, especially for those of us that love using binder dividers because really, this is the same concept. Except that this pouchette is way cuter than some drab plastic binder, and who would lug a binder with their travel documents through an airport? Not me. That’s why I love this clearly labeled “travel pouchette,” which is equal parts cute and edgy.

Maloles Travel Pouchette

The curly cursive script on the dividers adds a girlish element without making it too girly, while the metallic color itself adds a touch of rocker detail. But for me, it’s the dividers, marked ‘Boarding pass, ”Passport,’ Tickets,’ and ‘Other’ that make this so great- a pouchette rather than just a wallet. It’s not hard at all to keep all your documents together, so there is really no need for a specific travel pouchette, but who can resist it when it comes in such an adorable package? Buy through ShopBop for $170 on sale.

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