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We don’t like to repeat handbags, but sometimes it seems worthwhile. So while Amanda covered this bag a little while back (read her view here), I couldn’t help but bring it up again. Have you ever scrolled through websites on an overcast day, slightly drowsy, sprits a little low, when you come across something that just lifts you up (literally would be quite an experience, but I mean metaphorically)? This was me this morning, and the object that opened my eyes was the Maje Jelica Beaded Bag.

Maje Jelica Beaded Bag

At first glance, I loved it, wanted it, needed it for my next black tie event (as if I had one soon). But as I explored it more, I wondered: Is this bag too much? On the one hand, the bright batik pattern is like a pile of wonderful jewels, working perfectly in sync and attracting admiring gazes. Yet on the other had, it’s kind of like a little kid went crazy with the Crayola. It’s rare for me to be iffy on a bag; I usually know from first glance if I love it or if I leave it. After some hesitation, I’m liking this one. Sure, it would be hard to pair and would spend most of its time in the closet, but the intricate craftsmanship it too beautiful to pass up, as is the low price. For that (mythical) black tie party, I would totally sling this over my arm. Buy through Net-A-Porter for $171.50.

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