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lesportsac-frieda-waist-bagNo. No, no, no. I cannot support the return of the designer fanny pack. I thought we were over that after Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Gucci “waist pouch” on “Sex and the City” about a million years ago. Apparently not, though, becase LeSportsac has decided that we need to revisit this nontrend with the LeSportsac Frieda Waist Bag. Although this is definitely less expensive than the Gucci fanny pack, I still have the same problems with it. Why in the world would a woman of ANY size willingly strap extra bulk to what is already the widest part of many of their bodies? That’s not flattering on anyone, and it screws up the line of how perfectly good clothes hang and makes them all bunchy around the midsection. Plus it jiggles when you walk and you’ll probably have to adjust your pants all the time while wearing it. So don’t. Do yourself a favor and don’t even think about it. Let this one go by. Buy through Shop Bop for $62.

Every now and then, I see a great, functional tote bag and think, “That would be great to take to class! My laptop would fit!” And I get all excited, and then I realize that I’m not in college anymore. And I haven’t been for, like, 6 months. And I don’t really miss college (I still live in my college town, which afford me a lot of the perks of college without actually going to class), but I do miss having a reason to buy a cute tote bag every now and then. And today, if I was still in college, I’d want to order the LeSportsac Peacock Travel Tote. I love the brown and teal color combination, I love the modernized paisley pattern, and I love that such a bold print would likely disguise a lot of the obvious wear-and-tear that happens to a bag that gets thrown on the floor of my car and shoved under seats in crowded lecture auditoriums. Also, dare I say it…might it be water-proof??? On a campus as big as the one at the University of Georgia (my alma mater), bad weather is a major concern since there’s not always a place to duck and hide from the rain. Alas, my needs now require a demure work bag, but a cute, inexpensive tote like this one makes me miss college. Does this tote look familiar? Shannon covered the Peacock Cosmetic Bag a little while back which boasts the same pattern and some similar pros. Buy through Shop Bop for a super reasonable $88.

When I think of LeSportsac, I don’t necessarily think of clean design and aesthetic restraint. That’s really not there thing, and I won’t pass judgement on that – to each her own, and they’ve got a huge following of people that eat it up and adore it. That’s why I was surprised when I saw the LeSportsac Lexie Tech Tote. In my all-time-favorite-neutral grey, the tote is subdued, simplisticly chic, and very usable in day to day life. It’s so hard to find a stylish, well-made laptop bag, and with a name like Lexie Tech Tote, that is surely what this is intended to be. The center compartment is padded for safe storage, and because the bag is fashionable, it doesn’t scream “steal me, I have a laptop inside!” I also find the side-fastening very interesting; the clips pull the bag shut without giving it a hard closure on the actual opening. Smells innovative to me – I truly cannot remember seeing something like that elsewhere. All things considered, this is surely the chicest tech bag I’ve seen in a long while. Buy through Shop Bop for $120.

Ah, the Fall is upon us. I for one love the Fall. In fact, I might go out on a limb and say it is my favorite time of year. Let’s think about it for a second, Fall brings crisp weather, changing leaves, apple cider, football and of course, back to school. And you know, in our day and age, back to school doesn’t just mean new pencils and notebooks but it also means technological updates. For those of you who use laptops – I’m using one right now – you have to carry it around in something. So, when I saw the LeSportsac Laptop Sleeve, I found myself wanting a new laptop sleeve. It’s nothing fancy, but it will definitely get the job done. The design has enough color and more than anything else, it is just fun! One of the best parts of this handbag, you’ll still have plenty of money left over to treat yourself to one of your favorite Fall activities. Buy through Shop Bop for $34.