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Lauren Merkin Cecilia Glittery Bag….I’m confused. The name of this bag is the Lauren Merkin Cecilia Glittery Bag. Which would imply that it would be, you know, glittery. And maybe it’s my glasses, or my eyes themselves, but I just don’t see any glitter. Which means one of two things: the pictures are inaccurate, or the folks at Lauren Merkin used some used a heaping helping of restraint and good taste when deciding just how GLITTERY a big, soft hobo needs to be. Personally? I think it’s a little bit of both. A small bit of all-over shimmer can turn any bag slightly glam, but too much and it looks cheap, which this bag certainly does not. The leather looks super soft and has a great grain to it (head over to ShopBop and look at the closeup, which shows the grain but still no glitter). The thing that I find difficult about off-white bags during the summer is that I wear a great deal of non-off-white. And to me, wearing both simultaneously just makes the off-white look dirty, and that’s an issue. I much prefer the color during winter, when it can be worn as a contrast with darker colors. So I’m going to wait for this bag to go on sale, snap it up, and wear it during a season for which it was totally not meant. Buy through ShopBop for $575.

Lauren Merkin Tatum Raffia Clutch

So we’ve already talked about what bag I would use during the day if my spontaneous trip to Puerto Rico is to pan out, but as a proud member of the Over 21 Club, I figure I’ll also be needing one for nighttime. I don’t know what my bar options will be, but if I know anything, I know where rum comes from…so I figure I’ll have a few places to choose from. And that’s what vacation is for, right? Right. I’ll need a clutch, and the beachiest one I can find is the Lauren Merkin Tatum Raffia Clutch. With no outer hardware, all you see is the geometric pattern of the woven straw, giving the bag an entirely tropical appearance. That doesn’t stop it from also being very tailored and structured, though, which is what reminds everyone that this isn’t just any plain straw bag. Not only did Lauren Merkin manage to use it to make the same shape that is normally made with leather, but she also managed to PLEAT it. I’m not sure how one even goes about pleating woven raffia, but I’d imagine it’s a delicate process to keep the straw from splitting. Overall, it’s just the right mix of glam and casual for a beach trip, and if I had my way, I’d be packing on in my suitcase tomorrow. Buy through Shop Bop for $275.

Lauren Merkin Louise Leopard Clutch I think we’re all familiar with the Lauren Merkin Louise clutch – Merkin has made a career for herself making simple, prototypical clutches in a huge variety of colors and textures. Her bags generally have few faults as a result of their simple lines and practical nature, and I’ve never met anyone that finds them objectionable in the least. From season to season, a few of the colors or textures can be hit or miss, but I think she’s got a big hit with the Lauren Merkin Louise Leopard Clutch. I prefer the Louise size to the smaller Eve since I have a janitor-size key ring, so when I saw it in grey leopard, I was quite intrigued. Animal prints seem to be making a bit of a resurgence as of late, and I happen to absolutely love them. I don’t have an animal print bag, and I think that something small like this would be a great way to start – subtle but still a bit wild. Buy through Shop Bop for $180.

lauren-merkin-quilted-edie-bag2I like to rant a lot about extra straps. I hate them, and if a designer insists on putting a second (or third) strap on a bag, I insist that they give me a way to remove it and correct their mistake. The only bags that I make an exception for are those like the Marc Jacobs Stam – it has a completely decorative chain strap that is mean to hang down and adorn the bag. Most extra-strap bags don’t fall into this category, though, and should have their extras promptly removed. Well, Lauren Merkin has heard my plight and taken things one step further – you can completely remove theLauren Merkin Quilted Edie Bag‘s only strap and turn the bag into an oversized, folded clutch. Huzzah! I actually think I’d like it better with an MJ-style chunky chain strap for some contrast against the leather, and I’d prefer it if the flap folded over a little but further, but two functional, attractive bags for the low, low price of one is a great deal, if you ask me. Buy through Shop Bop for $450.

Lauren Merkin Char Pleated ClutchEven if the clutch didn’t have cute little pleats, I’d still love it. Why? The COLOR. Suede is often better at rendering vibrant tones than regular leather, and the Lauren Merkin Char Pleated Clutch demonstrates that perfectly. The teal is so yummy, so eye-catching, and so statement-y that I know just the black dress I would wear this with: simple, fluid, knee-length jersey that just begs for lots of fun accessories: colorful bags and shoes, chunky jewelry, maybe even something in my hair. The texture and color make this clutch great for a night out, particularly at this great sale price. Check out Shop Bop
to see the teal color which is unfortunately out of stock. Or buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $143.

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching I keep thinking about what wonderful clutch I am going to carry that night. For me, the kind of New Year’s Eve handbag I will carry is a no brainer – a clutch, obviously. However, what *kind* of clutch is a completely different story. Do I let my outfit do the talking and use a bit of an understated clutch or do I let my clutch do the talking and wear an outfit that is a little less flashy? I think the Lauren Merkin Eve Moon Rock Clutch is the perfect combination of the two. The shape and size of the clutch is perfect for a fun night out while the color is popping. And this gorgeous gold color is found not only on the outside of the clutch but also on the inside lining. There are definitely times where I go back and forth about if I should go with gold or silver. If you are more of a silver kind of person, check out the Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Clutch for a similar option. But you know, the great thing about the Moon Rock Clutch, you can use it year round, not just for your New Year’s bash. Buy through Luna Boston for $200.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in South Florida. And when I say gorgeous I mean it; blue skies, an ever so slight breeze and extremely warm. I know, South Florida is always warm, but we’ve had some really gross rainy weather for the past few weeks and days like today make me wish I was sitting poolside sipping a mojito. So, although I can’t be sipping a mojito yet, I couldn’t help but be inspired to find a fun handbag to write about. The Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Clutch fits my current mood. The clutch is fresh, fun and chic. Originally, I was looking for a bright bag, but then remembered that we are in the middle of the Fall. D’uh. Ok, so this clutch – it’s fabulous. The metallic-leather front and back pleated clutch also boasts metallic-stripe lining. No matter what part of the world you live in and no matter what the weather is like outside, this clutch would be the perfect accessory to so many outfits. Not only that, but this is definitely the kind of clutch you can use and reuse for seasons to come. Buy through Shop Bop for a very reasonable $180.

Can you ever have too many black handbags? To me, the answer is, no. I absolutely love the color black. Black clothes, black cars, black handbags… love them. For whatever reason, I feel as though black is the kind of color that can look classy or laid back at the drop of a hat. That being the case, you can always spice up your wardrobe with something black and then a splash of color. The Lauren Merkin Rebecca Tote in black is fabulous. This is a great day to day bag which really emphasizes what she wants. The Lauren Merkin line promotes durable yet classy and fun handbags. When I looked at the tote, I did think it looked very durable while at the same time it had a soft touch. This glazed leather handbag has is accented with pleating at the front and back plus a splash of gold hardware. The double handles mean the bag can be carried by hand or thrown on your shoulder without a glitch. Who doesn’t like options? At the same time, the tote is roomy enough for everything you might need as you run around to work or on weekend errands. Buy through Shop Bop for $575.