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I still don’t know how I feel about most handbags from the L.A.M.B line. Sure, Gwen Stefani has her own look, one that is much different than many other bags out there on the market. However, sometimes, the bags make my eyes go “ouch”. The LAMB Ombre Patent Manchester Tote tends to be one of the bags that hurts my eyes. The shades of green are too bright for me. And more than that, the bag is made out of patent leather. This patent leather looks like the kind that will stick to you on a hot day or make some kind of squeeking sound when it rubs up against another plastic. Do you know what I mean? On the other hand, I do like the size of the bag and I guess you could use it as you head to the beach or something like that. But, I think it is the kind of handbag I would get bored with very quickly. Like I said before, I think we all know Gwen has her own eclectic style. Some of the items she designs I like, others not so much. Yet, you would have to drop a significant amount of money to have this bag over your shoulder. If this is an item you could see yourself sporting, you can buy it through ShopBop for $495.